…Christ, who taught that all food is alike, and though he allowed no animal food to his own disciples. Gave full liberty to the laity to eat whatever they pleased, and taught men are polluted not by what goes into the mouth, but by the evil things that come out of it. In these and many other things the doctrine of Jesus, as everybody knows, contradicts that of Moses.

–Faust (Manichaean writer)


Defilement and the lack of defilement

are the next things mentioned in the text.

Normally we think of defilement as

something we have to free the mind from,

then we will clearly see what has to be

realized, but the statement in the text says

that ultimately there can be no

defilement. It is like empty space. Empty

space cannot be produced, and as it is not

produced, it cannot cease. The nature of

the mind is not different from that. It

does not produce, nor does it cease. The

true nature of mind, being the ultimate, it

s not defiled, and therefore it cannot be

freed from defilement.

For example, if you had some clothes

you wish to clean, they, first, have to have

some dirt on it. If the clothes are

completely clean, you cannot clean them

further. As the mind itself cannot

inherently exist, then its defilements

cannot inherently exist. There is a sense

of duality, of subject and object, but this is

illusory. There is no inherent duality of

subject and object. Duality between the

inner and outer is completely vacuous;

therefore, there can be no defilements to

purify. You can have neither defilement,

nor freedom from defilement.

–Heart Sutra and 7 point mind training (Garchen Triptrul)


“All created things emanate from God’s being and from his knowledge; they are essentially his ontological and intelligible possibilities, the ‘sparks’ of his light, the ‘ideas’ that spring from his ‘wisdom’ or ‘thought’ like so many spiritual and existential ‘rays.’ ‘When God designed to create the universe, his thought compassed all worlds at once, and by means of this thought were they all created, as it says, “In wisdom hast thou made them all” [Psalms 104:14]. By his thought – which is his wisdom – were this world and the world above created…..All were created in one moment (the eternal moment of divine action). And he made this (terrestrial) world corresponding to the world above (the celestial and spiritual worlds which are themselves ‘pictures’ of the infinite world of the Sefirot or supreme archetypes, and everything which is above has its counterpart here below…..and yet all constitute a unity (because of the causal sequence of all things and their essential identity with the only reality)’ [Zohar, Shemot 20a]”

– Leo Schaya (The Universal Meaning of the Kabbalah)