The days pass and are gone, and one finds that he never once had time to really think…One who does not meditate cannot have wisdom

–Rabbi Nachman of Breslov


The English writer C. Day Lewis once said that the reason he prayed was because he had to. For some people, the contemplative life is an absolute necessity. You can assuage the need to going to the movies by smoking dope or getting involved in a thousand and one other endeavors. But at a certain point, the point when you discover the contemplative path, it is clearly your path. Contemplative practice is a method of discovering one’s path and how to progress along it and how to be less consumed by diversions and distractions.

Ultimately, a contemplative life is a way of being in the world. For those who have this predisposition, it is extremely valuable. It isn’t a way for everybody. It’s very important to acknowledge that, for most people the contemplative life is irrelevant. For some people, it is more important than anything else.

Noble Boredom: How to view Meditation

(Rabbi Jonathan Omer-Man)



Is like


And smiling

And saying


Thank Goodness

Amen Amen Amen

–Miriam Baum