It takes patience. Sometimes it’s better to wait for the changes, or find fulfillment from within, instead of making demands or asking people to be other than what they are, to change overnight.

It is best not to oppose a person’s flow, but to listen to their inner music and allow them to change within their own natural patterns of growth.

It is good to nod and smile and send warmth to each other, like flowers in a meadow, rejoicing in the sun.

The warmth nourishes, so we may grow.

Getting Along (Miriam Baum)


There was once a prudish, angry old man who never had any fun. He would not even let his cat out to have a good time. Finally, he decided to go to Los Angeles. Before he went he told his care taker to keep the cat indoors. But once in LA, he got caught up in a great love affair that carried him on the wings of joy from event to event. After a week of this, he faxed his caretaker. “Having a hell of a time!” he wrote “Let the cat out!”

By its nature religion is meant to let the cat out. It is meant to open the door of our soul to the sweetness of God and the world. In spite of the many differences of opinion within the Jewish path and the many divisions among teachers and philosophies, this is the main teaching.

The way of flame, a guide to the forgotten mystical tradition of Jewish meditation (Avram Davis)


How to do Mindfulness meditation

“Mindfulness practice is simple and completely feasible. Just by sitting and doing nothing, we are doing a tremendous amount.”