“The tree is, without doubt, the best image of the unity of
creation: life circulates between its two extremities, from its
roots, buried deep under the ground, to its branches reaching
high into the sky.

But initiates have also expressed this unity by means of the
symbol of a snake swallowing its tail. The head corresponds to
the world of spirit and the tail to the world of matter. Spirit
and matter are the two aspects of God manifest and active
throughout all his creation. Nothing of what we see is separate
from God: he represents the whole, and we are somewhere within
him, like the cells of his immense body. And as we too are
matter and spirit, we must try constantly to breathe into our
own matter the life of the spirit, which is eternally renewed.”

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov


There are some who

bear the burden

for us all

who are unnoticed

and unsung

come to show the way

and tend to the Light

from the beginning

to the end.

There are memories

older than time

and friends

dearer than life itself

–Miriam Baum


But I do not seek collaborators in this present age. Evil customs and false opinions from of old have flourished like rootless things, and bloom, with noisy reputation, for an hour. As the ages pass there is a sure return to the “Way” though to look for it in haste shows inexperience.

You know the works of Resshi. He tells of a Mr. Fool who with his children laboured every day with pick and basket removing a mountain that stood inconveniently near his house. Mr. Wiseman jeered at the folly: “How can a few men remove a mountain?” But Mr. Fool replied: “I begin the task, my children continue it, their children after them and grandchildren’s children labour on and finally it will be done.” Thereat Mr. Wiseman laughed the more.

Such conduct men call silly and such men fools, and the critics are called “wise.” But with such a “fool’s” heart anything in heaven or earth can be done. And the men of wisdom with “Mr. Wiseman’s” heart laugh at the Fool’s mountain and accomplish nothing. For the world’s folly is wisdom and its wisdom folly.

After my death comes a day that will settle this debate of an hundred years. Meanwhile men laugh at my roundabout ways, but I am old and stubborn, determined to go on in this purpose to the end. You may class me with Mr. Fool and his hill.

— THE FOOL’S MOUNTAIN. (The Shundai Zatsuwa)


You who have come quite unhindered,

Remove greed and other passions!

As your origin is in good Nirvana,

You are worthy to be worn on the crown

Of the heads of the former Buddhas

Therefore I praise and worship you so.

His whole mind awakes and increases

Great heartfelt desires

I, Aryaman Fristum, the Superior,

Bow my head and worship reverently

The holy jewel of the community

Buddha Teacher God

–extract of a Turkish hymn to Mani (from “Gnosis on the silkroad”)