If I were to say ‘I know God’, I would be a liar. God is beyond comprehension. Better to be silent and live in humility. If I were to say, ‘I do not know God’, I would also be a liar.

— Jean-Yves Leloup, Being Still: Reflections on an Ancient Mystical Tradition


We need to care for one another, and yet not to the point of worry and mistrust and loss of perspective. Let our caring be blended with trust in God. Kindness and compassion come from tranquility.

When I yearn for silence and centering among us, it is not for a heavy, disciplinary, humanly ‘pious’ silence, but for the peace and harmony of all outdoors. Not for stuffy, dead-air closed-room locked-door silence, but for open sky, moving air, flowing water, waving branch silence.

“With your head held high, and your soul an open door, breathe the wind that makes you free.”

It is not sin and shames and bad conscience and rigidity, but omnipresent love and forgiveness, strength and joy…which we feel when we surrender control of our finite, cramped existence long enough to feel

“How Great Thou art”

And then we may see

“Infinity in a grain of sand”

And me.

–Miriam Baum

Jordi Savall is probably, in my highly uneducated fashion, my favourite modern baroque playing muscian. Here you can here his string work, on a viola di gamba, heavenly…

truly wonderful

J. SAVALL · Hespérion XX · “Lachrimae Antiquae” · Dowland ·