My mother died today, 4:09 am, April 19, 1992. Was she a perfect mother? no…

I miss her still…….. but it no longer hurts.

Here’s to you Ms Miriam…wherever you are now

Mother Is The Name For God On The Lips And Hearts Of All Children
–JO Barr, the Crow

wise words from the departing, eat your greens
especially broccoli

–Jhon Balance

Her words from 40 years ago (approx):

A boy and a girl walking

Barefoot down the street

In blue jeans and soft white shirts.

She is carrying a tambourine…

A girl walking along on

The curb, balancing…

A puppy playing in the yard…

Freedom is a dance

In the sunshine

Let it be.


All religions, all yogas, may be paths to lead us closer to Him who is the only One through whom all was created, the Christ. Jesus was the manifestation in human form of the limitless Christ of God.

There is no separation in God. The forces which promote separation, selfishness and egotism should not be feared, for nothing can hinder the plan of God, nor prevent its fulfillment. Love alone shall be our protection. Where there is love there is unity, there is the Christ.

When Christ returns, He will be as the fulfillment of each individual soul potential, and the unified consciousness and loving brotherhood of all mankind. No differences of language, race or even religion can separate us then, as we are all One in? Him, and we will realize this in all fullness. Meanwhile we should realize that no man is our enemy! The only enemy is the sense of limitation which divides us from Him and each other.

All this shall pass away as the Consciousness of the whole race is lifted into a larger awareness of God. We grow toward this by letting go of our limited conceptions, and opening up to the universal Christ-Love, by allowing His Love to flow through us to all mankind.

This I believe.


I’ve got a full time job

Just bein’ me

But if bein’ me means

Carin’ about you

I’ll do that too

‘Cause you help me

‘Cause you see me through

Yeah, you know you do

I’ve got a full time job

Just thankin’ you

For the things you do


Miriam Baum 1944 – 1992