“Those who from delusion’s grasp break free,
find the path to inner reality..
Those who unto not-doing attain,
are linked as one, forever, in the Chain.”




“I asked one of the sages of the Kabbalah what the difference was between gilgul (reincarnation) and ibbur (impregnation). He replied that the term ibbur implies a mystery, just as a woman becomes pregnant and gives birth without lacking anything, so too the soul of the righteous and the pious became pregnant and give birth and emanate sparks into this world, to protect the generation or for some other reasons, like one who lights one candle from another, where the first candle is not diminished.”


          David ibn Abi Zimra (Metzudat David)




“How will the soul be, which came in two or three bodies? And he quoted them as saying that the soul multiplies into several parts, just as the candle makes several sparks, and serves in all the bodies.”


          quoted in the name of Joseph ben Samuel (Gerona Kabbalist, circa 1220)




·          You may forget the one with whom you have laughed, but never the one with whom you have wept.


–Kahlil Gibran