[T]here’s just the TV image after all, the illusion of the media, and behind it…another group entirely rules. A corporate body of some kind. But who are they and how did they get power? … We came so far; we almost seem to know what’s really going on. The actuality behind the illusion, the secrets kept from us all our lives.

                 —Philip K. Dick, The Simulacra (1964)


I rise and pledge myself to God to do no deed at all of dark.

This day shall be his sacrifice and I, unmoved my passions’ Lord.

I blush to be so old and foul and yet to stand before his table.

You know what I would do, O Christ; O then, to do it make me able


–St Gregory Nazianzus


He who cannot accept correction shall certainly die before his time

–Rabbi Nahman of Bratslav