The Pythagorean Connection
Tom Saunders

A lot of very smart people over the centuries have studied what academia knows about Pythagoras, and come to no conclusions about how Pythagoreans used the theory of the Monad in the secret philosophy. In his essay “Pythagoras”, W. Bro. Ronald Paul Ng, states, “These are just some of the, what I consider, mumbo-jumbo of his numerology. Checking these beliefs against nature, there is no basis for such mumbo jumbo, and that’s what I meant when I said earlier we have to check our conclusions to the reality of nature.”

The first scholar to recognize the Pythagorean system(s) was similar to the Tai Chi philosophy, was Fung Yu-Lan, author of the ‘Princeton Press’ ”The History of Chinese Philosophy.” What Fung Yu-Lan did not have in his career as a philosopher were the Sethian Christian manuscripts of the Nag Hammadi Library, and other sources. If he had compared the descriptions of the Monad, and Autogenes, he would have realized as I have that the system of the Tai Chi, the Pythagorean and the Sethian Christian Monadologies, are ‘twin’ or duplicate systems. This is prima facie if you know the systems.

The study of the Pythagorean, and Christian Sethian Monad is based upon almost identical theories of the flow of energy, based upon the ancient philosophy of the Tai Chi. Most people are familiar with the Yin and Yang symbol, and the “I Ching,” or “Book of Changes.” These works represent different ways the theory of the flow of energy or Chi are applied to man, in the belief that ‘man (mind) is the same as heaven and earth.’ (This concept is known as the Taoist Trinity.)

What this theory postulates is the human mind, and the universe work on the system of having the form of a void, or blank slate, and the utility of these voids work the same way. The similarity of what fills the voids is one thing that connects the basic theories of both the ancient Chinese, Pythagoreans, and later Sethian Christians who adopted Jesus, i.e. Word, as the Monad. The Monad in theory is the first and most dominant thing that emanates from the void(s). Sethian Christianity calls this the Word, meaning Sophia, Wisdom, Law, Logos, or Holy Spirit.

The monad, becomes the duad or dyad, meaning two. This represents duality, and will be a salient part of the entire monadic structure regardless of its size. The dyad becomes the triad, the triad becomes the tetrad, pentad, hexad, heptad, ogdoad, ennead, and decad. The Pythagorean and Sethian model use an ideal of ten units. The ancient Chinese used eight as the ideal number for sets, or types, called ‘ba gua.’ The schema of the “heaven sequence” represetented in the Tai Chi icon, only uses even numbers, 2, 4, and 8, then sets of eight added to the primary set.

Monadic units forming sets are called ‘types,’ and these correspond to the Chinese ba gua, often called trigrams. These units are used to represent corresponding values. It is the nature of these values that determine whether the ‘set’ is being used as science and actual measurement, or the values of sets represent things like astrology and numerology which amounts to soothsaying.

If the Nag Hammadi Library had never been found along with some other Sethian works, the way the Monad was used by Pythagoreans would still be elusive to everyone. The only likely people to note the systems as duplicate are those that study the Tai Chi with a certain application to the trigrams. The Tai Chi, and the Monadologies, can be applied, and by some people they still are.

Isshinryu Karate is based upon the Tai Chi model, and when the ‘style’ is aligned to the Tai Chi, everything in the system can be measured by using the model. It records space and time, direction and distance, and within the blank slate what can be visualized are the eight primary techniques of fighting…punching, kicking, grabbing, chokes/squeezing, joint locks, throws, groundwork, and counters.
In all I can account for about forty other ba gua that can be applied to the primary set. (I can also come up with a few thousand friends who know the system, and can apply it on command.)

The Pythagorean model of the Monadology uses types or units in the same manner as the ba gua units. The karate model uses the punch or ‘te,’ as the first unit or Monad. This is gleaned from the meaning of karate, ’empty hand.’ It is from this first unit, or Monad that the flow of energy moves through the set, much like a parallel electric circuit. The energy of the Monad, moves through each type in the set to the last member, which is best explained as the ‘gender unit.’

”The Principle of Gender, postulates that Gender is in everything, and everything has its inherent characteristics like masculine and feminine, offense and defense, good and evil. Gender manifests on all planes. This idea postulates that gender, especially the feminine, or negative pole in duality is actually the pole where new forms of energy are manifested.” ( See the; “Kybalion”)

In the karate fighter’s octagon above, any move can be countered, and that is why experts can make a fight last for a long time. The skill of counters applies to all other members of the set, and relates directly to the duality of offense, and defense in the act of a fight.

A skilled fighter who knows this model of the Tai Chi, or the Pythagorean model can explain any movement, direction, quality, form, etc. about any of the eight primary units. The way the fighting model is used, will be how you want to use any other ‘set’ you might want to put together. It can be done with the Platonic view of form, referring to an idea, like law, hate, love, lust, good, evil, fear, soul, etc. Many of the Sethian Christian texts explore these areas.

Is the U. S. Constitution a Pythagorean type document? This has been a matter of discussion over the decades based upon the personal interest of Freemasons, Founding Fathers, and historians. Benjamin Franklin, and probably many other prominent Americans knew the work of Gottfried Leibniz, who wrote a treatise on the Monad. He actually got the term Monadology, study of the Monad, into the reference books of modern science. I found nothing in his work to indicate that he knew the ancient system. This may be primarily due to the fact that the Church at the time would have tied him to a stake, and burned him alive for knowing them.

There is not a good way to document the facts explaining that the Founding Fathers used a secret heretical method to write the Constitution, or form the American government. Can the model of the Constitution be aligned with the methods described above? Yes it can. There are other models of Pythagorean texts in history like the ”Corpus Juris Secundum,” of which a modern version is used today to catalogue American laws. They are like the fighter’s octagon in that they pose what fills the ‘blank slate,’ in the way of providing a universe of law.

Most Americans know the triad of American government, the Executive, the Legislative, and the Judicial branches of the government. These are outlined in the Constitution. If the document is of the Pythagorean model, there must be a Monadic element that generates the energies the text is supposed to measure.

As it turns out, the Monadic force or Chi of the Constitution is very plain in the first few sentences…”We the People of the United States in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the General Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty, to ourselves and our posterity…….”

This makes the union of the American people the Monad, and liberty the gender unit. The set of Union, justice, domestic tranquility, defence, welfare and Liberty, the aim of our posterity, and the first monadic set which represents the ‘spirit’ which will flow through the branches of the government, as law is made. (This is not as regents of God, but under the sight of God, as what fills the ‘Great Void,’ is connected to the blank slate void, of the human mind, and its creations.)

In other words, the ideal is that liberty is obtained through the process of the union of the people, formulated in the processes of the Executive, Judicial, and Legislative branches of the government. The whole set from the first lines of the Constitution becomes, Union, justice, domestic tranquility, common defence, general welfare, and Liberty. These should be the ideal for the making of laws and establishment of rights.

Whether or not anyone who was an American law maker used or knew the Pythagorean system is a matter of speculation. The process of making laws is set up in the of the legislative, and judicial branches. Law comes about one of two ways, through the legislature, which is confirmed by the executive as acts or laws, or through the stare decisis of court decisions.

In another work, available from the National Writer’s Syndicate, “Establishing Law of the Land Rights,” I defined ten rights using this system, and established this definition…

A “Law of the Land Right” is established by defining a particular ‘right’ by presenting a Constitutional mandate, or ‘enumerated right,’ with ‘stare decisis’ of court decisions, and/or Legislative Acts. This merges both the Judicial, and Legislative bodies of government in agreement to the intended cause and effect of the law, concerning enumerated rights from the U. S. Constitution. (Thomas M. Saunders, BA./BS., Certified Linguist.)

One thing the study showed was that some rights that should be afforded Americans is being denied, and the reason is obvious from the Pythagorean model. The primary force of providing liberty has broken down in the system. It is as if one or more of the elements in the fighters octagon is missing. This would make a fighter very vulnerable to anyone with a more complete set of techniques. Perhaps looking at American law from the Pythagorean perspective is not a bad idea.

A huge part of American and Christian history can be restored by learning the use of Monadic sequences as described above. The Founding Fathers used the ‘union of the people’ for the purpose of establishing liberty as the Monadic force, the Sethian Christians used Word or Jesus Wisdom, and a lot of Pythagoreans used God to fill the empty slate. There is a treasure of new things to learn in the study of this system.