Does not the apple tree

Share its fruit with all,

Not choosing who is blest?

As my vessel overflows with love.

Do I not share this love with all?

For in our oneness

There exists no chosen ones.

Only fellow travelers do I see

On the path back home to God

–Danaan Parry




The rulers do not see you

who wear the perfect light,

and cannot seize you.

You put on the light

In the mystery of union.

–Gospel of Philip (the Gnostic bible trans.)



Now the Truth which envelops all things is the Image of the Father, the End of all things. She is the Mother of all Eternities, who surrounds all Deeps, the Monad beyond knowledge who cannot be known, without seal-mark and having all seal marks within, blessed forever and ever. To the Father Ineffable, Inconceivable, Unthinkable, Unchangeable, all things have been made like in their being. They rejoiced and have been filled with life-giving powers. They engender myriads and myriads and myriads of aeons, in Joy, because they rejoiced with the Father

–Untitled text from Bruce Codex (F. Lamplugh, “The Gnosis of the Light.”)



For only love-which means humility-can exorcise the fear which is at the root of all war

–Thomas Merton