Kabbalah teaches that there is a secret unity of all Being, hidden within the multiplicity and diversity of life as we experience it. God and universe are related not primarily as Creator and creature, which sounds as though they are separate from one another, but as deep structure and surface. God lies within or behind the facade of all that is. In order to discover God – or the real meaning or the essential Oneness of Being – we need to turn inward, to look more deeply at ourselves and the world around us. Scratch the surface of reality and you will discover God. The path to God is thus more like peeling off the layers of an onion than climbing a ladder to the sky. The ‘journey’ of the seeker to God is only a metaphoric one. We, in fact, discover the Oneness of Being by staying right here, paying as close attention as we can to the present in which we live. But if we are to speak of journeys, the mystic offers us a journey inward, an inner opening rather than a vertical ascent.”


– Arthur Green ( EHYEH: A Kabbalah for Tomorrow)