And I don’t need the questions
And I don’t need your answers
And I don’t need your questions

I’ve never knew just what I am to see me now
is all I have to you


–JK Broadrick (band: Jesu Song: “Sundown”)


I think of my motherland, Cambodia, like an invocation I’d give to the world, dreaming that by the year 2000, peace will truly come to this wounded nation of mass genocide and violence.

I think of her becoming a land of gardens, a rain forest of air and life, a country of forgiveness and compassion. She win to give will represent understanding beyond borders and become a peace maker of neighboring conflicts with the Vietnamese the Thais and ourselves.

All her children will have a childhood, a generation with both parents alive and siblings to play with. No child will be forced to hold a gun for someone else’s political or economic greed.

All the land mines will have been destroyed from the land her people farm to eat. All land mines banned from the world.

There will be playgrounds instead of war zones.

There will be more schools instead of brothels and nightclubs.

The children will sing songs of joy instead of terror.

They will leam how to read love instead of hate.

And each child will have enough to eat and clean water to drink.

My homeland will be green again-she will sprout seeds of peace into spring blossoms of love and joy. Her tropical trees will be left unlogged. Her abundant fruit shared. Her forests an earthly paradise. She will be serene, beautiful, and full of charms like the statues carved on her temple walls, filled with peace and hiding. smiles. Her people will have been made strong and wise from all the suffering they have endured. The bigger and more wealthy countries will stop selling her arms to kill her own people. They will become good role models for her political and spiritual development. They will respect her as an equal and love her as their own sister.

Those nations with skills to share, friendship to gain, and love to give will sincerely come to help her, give her encouragement, and provide her with the support needed to keep her people growing trees instead of cutting them down to pay their debt.

I think of Cambodia as one nation loved, one nation healed and freed from war and hate. Imagine the earth with all nations loved and treated when sick or diseased. Imagine families of people willing to share, to understand and learn from each other. Imagine all the wisdom and the experiences that we could gather to make our planet one home and ourselves one people, united in our diversity. Imagine-

Chath Piersath. Habitat for Humanity International, Cambodia