“For the Lord your God is consuming fire”,

Deuteronomy 4:24

“But ye that cleave unto the Lord your God are alive everyone of you this day”

Deuteronomy 4:4

A man (kether) has a wonderful message, that message (chockmah) flies through the air
Through the medatative eyes of a prophet in deep contemplation the message is received and mediated (binah)
The prophet gains his insight and thus experiencing gnosis (daath)

the flame
the oil
the lamp
that which is illumined

all are holy, inseperable, beautiuful

Daath is the beginning, through wisdom and understanding we reach the flame of kether. Without the lamp or the oil, the flame cannot burn. Gnosis cannot then illumine.

Words on a page, opinions, truths that are expressed in words, these are hints, attempts to reach the flame, to reach he who began the flame (ein sof)
But just as opinions are like a##holes, everyone has one, proclaiming you are right is akin to insisting you see the light of the flame, while having no lamp.

Beliefs, truths, expressions are wonderful
They are however the map not the territory.
Ariadne’s thread, to guide one from the labyrinth
“Those who know, do not speak
Those that speak, do not know.”

–lao tzu

with love, compassion and prayer that you will see the flame…