His disciples said,

“When will you become revealed to us

and when shall we see you?”

Jesus said,

“When you disrobe without being ashamed

and take up your garments

and place them under you feet

like little children and tread on them,

then will you see the son of the living one,

and you will not be afraid.”


The Letter of Peter to Philip:

“When you strip off from yourselves

what is corrupted,

then you will become illuminators

in the midst of mortal men.”


The Second Apocalypse of James:

“For just as you are first

having clothed yourself,

you are also the first who will strip himself,

and you shall become as you were

before you were stripped.”


The Dialogue of the Savior:

“when you rid yourselves of jealousy,

then you will clothe yourselves in light

and enter the bridal chamber.”


Authoritative Teaching:

“And she learns about her light,

as she goes about stripping off this world,

while her true garment clothes her within,

and her bridal clothing is placed upon her

in beauty of mind, not in pride of flesh.”


The so-called “Gospel of the Egyptians”

cited in Patristic literature:  

“When Salome inquired when the things

about which she had asked would be known,

the master said,

‘When you have trampled on the garment of shame

and when the two become one’ “


(Note:  this is not the NHL tractate also known

as “The Gospel of the Egyptians”)



To Gnostics, “clothing” and “garments” had another deeper meaning. They signified things belonging to the dead outer world of the body.  They were to discard these earthly “garments” in order to gain

the return of their Spiritual robe of light. This robe was originally theirs, before they “came into being” as related in the Gnostic myth, The Hymn of the Pearl.


I believe the ‘son of the living one’ represents

the mirrored reflection of your Spiritual twin

looking back at you, naked, inside the mirrored

bridal chamber.