N the empty heart, void of self
Can be heard the echoing cry,
“I am the Truth.”
Thus is man one with the Eternal,
Travelling, travel and traveller have become one

–The Secret Rose Garden


Surely a maggot cannot praise thee nor a grave worm recount thy loving-kindness.

But the living can praise thee, even those who stumble can laud thee. In revealing

thy kindness to them and by thy righteousness thou dost enlighten them. For in thy hand is the soul of every

living thing; the breath of all flesh hast thou given. Deal with us, O LORD,

according to thy goodness, according to thy great mercy, and according to thy many righteous deeds. The LORD

has heeded the voice of those who love his name and has not deprived them of his loving-kindness.

Blessed be the LORD, who executes righteous deeds, crowning his saints

with loving-kindness and mercy. My soul cries out to praise thy name, to sing high praises

for thy loving deeds, to proclaim thy faithfulness–of praise of thee there is no end. Near death

was I for my sins, and my iniquities have sold me to the grave; but thou didst save me,

O LORD, according to thy great mercy, and according to thy many righteous deeds. Indeed have I

loved thy name, and in thy protection have I found refuge. When I remember thy might my heart

is brave, and upon thy mercies do I lean. Forgive my sin, O LORD,

and purify me from my iniquity. Vouchsafe me a spirit of faith and knowledge, and let me not be dishonored

in ruin. Let not Satan rule over me, nor an unclean spirit; neither let pain nor the evil

inclination take possession of my bones. For thou, O LORD, art my praise, and in thee do I hope

all the day. Let my brothers rejoice with me and the house of my father, who are astonished by the graciousness…

[ ] For e[ver] I will rejoice in thee.

Psalms Scroll (Tehillim) 11QPs


“The Law of Universal Genesis was the firstborn nous; the second Chaos shed by the firstborn. The third was received by the soul […..] Clad in the shape of a hind she is worn away with death´s slavery, Now she has mastery and glimpses light: now she is plunged in misery and weeps. Now she is mourned, and her self rejoices. Now she weeps and is finally condemned. Now she is condemned and finally dies. And now she reaches the point where hemmed in by evil, she knows no way out. Misled, she has entered a labyrinth. Then Jesus said ” Behold, Father, she wanders the earth pursued by evil. Far from thy Breath she is going astray. She is trying to flee bitter Chaos, and does not know how she is to escape. Send me forth, o Father, therefore, and I, bearing the seal shall descend and wander all Aeons through, all mysteries reveal. I shall manifest the forms of the gods and teach them the secrets of the holy way which I call Gnosis […..]”

This is an excerpt quoted by Hippolytus in his Refutations and attributed to the Naasene Gnostics who existed under the reign of Hadrian (110 AD to 140 AD).


Nous: “Mind”, The soul, not the same as ‘pneuma’ or spirit. It is the part of
the anima that gives us consciousness. The anima as a whole gives life (or
literally movement.. “animates”) to our bodies. Tatian declares the soul as a
special kind of spirit. (See; Tatian’s “Letter to the Greeks’)