Jesus and the Constitution
Thomas Saunders


Several years ago I became a Gnostic Bishop in a small church based in Colorado, which eventually disbanded. My credentials as Bishop remain, and my interest in religion lies in disclosing Sethian Christianity. My current and past function in religion has been research to disclose the ‘language’ of the Sethian texts, and I have authored several revealing documents, including a Gnostic Glossary. I nearly have a book written, which discloses many secrets of Sethian Christianity.

Recently I became a member of the Board of Directors for the Congress Against Racism and Corruption in Law Enforcement. I founded the Bill of Attainder Project in the ’90’s, and over the past couple of years I have served on the Board of Directors of the National Judicial Conduct Disability Law Project. I have been an active political and social activist all my 60 years. In 1980 I worked for Clarence M. Pendleton, at the San Diego Urban League. Clarence, who used to call me “Uncle Tom,” became the first Commissioner, for the Commission on Civil Rights during the Reagan era. I am currently supporting my friend Byron De Lear, running for Congress in Missouri.

Over the years I might have picked up a few things about ‘rights.’ This essay is the first time most of my colleagues in the ‘civil liberties’ organizations learn that the “Law of the Land” principle, can be outlined as Word, in the Christian sense.

In preparation for two upcoming Congressional Bills, HB 1955, and SB 1959, I wrote an explanation of the way the Constitution can be used to define a protected American ‘right.’ I wrote this essay to use to define American rights in a way that cannot be ignored by Christians or politicians…. “The Philosophy of American Rights, (Defining the Law of the Land)” defines the method by establishing the ten rights…

1. Protection from laws that plunder life, liberty, and property, both individual and collective.
2. The right to security in your home, family, and papers.
3. The right of free speech, and free expression.
4. The right to be free from unreasonable searches.
5. The safety net of judicial warrant requirements, and habeas corpus.
6. The right of free assembly, and association.
7. The right to a trial by a jury of your peers in a system of due process.
8. Reasonable bail and recourse for false arrest, and the right to redress grievances.
9. Protection from cruel and unusual punishment.
10. The right to own private property over the right of the ‘government’ to ‘steal’ it.

The method used to establish a “Law of the Land” right is outlined for the protection of religious freedom below. I have also shown this same “Law of the Land” principle in the area of Predatory Lending Laws, “Predatory Lending.” In the texts of “Philosophy of American Rights,” and “Lending” I do not use Sethian Christian references. In the case of American ‘freedom of religion,’ I find disclosing the Sethian connection desirable. I am certainly practicing my own religion, and using the Constitution, and Jesus to do it. I also show a link to early Jewish and Christian religion available in Ben Franklin’s time that cannot be ignored. Enjoy.


Freedom of Religion is protected by the clause in the First Amendment forbidding the formation of a national religion. “Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;”

This ‘right’ comes in the form of a protection. There are some recent examples of different Evangelicals being indicted for proselytizing in Faith Based Initiative programs. I would argue that the Faith Based Initiate program in general is an attempt to establish a religious foundation dedicated to an Evangelical attempt to directly or indirectly subvert the Constitution. Not only that but Faith Based Initiative programs are run so the organizations that get the benefits, also contribute to the ‘hand that feeds them’ the GOP, and I see this as pure corruption. It is like “Money Lenders” in the ‘Temple.’

The “Law of the Land” standard of defining a right in American law is to pair the Constitutional protection or mandate with case law, or ‘Acts,’ listed in the United States Code which establishes ‘stare decisis’ in regard to the particular issue. By this “Law of the Land” standard it is shown that Congress and the Courts are obligated to protect that right.

‘A Law of the Land’ right is one that can be established so that…
A judge who violates the Constitution, is by law committing treason…a judge does not fully comply with the Constitution, then his orders are void, in re: Sawyer, 124 U.S. 200 (1888), he/she is without jurisdiction, & he/she has engaged in an act or acts of Treason. The point of aligning both Constitutional mandates, and case law is to establish rights, which can be seen as ‘Law of the Land’ rights, that it would be treason for a judge to deny.

If Jesus were to read the Constitution, how would he use it?

I don’t know if I want to call the Constitution Holy, and equal to Sethian Christian scripture. I do know if I showed the Constitution to Jesus and the Apostles, and speaking Aramaic could explain the relationship to it and the Monad, and monadology, they would understand it in those terms. The study of the Sethian methods, and scripture reveals how to use a ‘Gnostic’ or Pythagorean device like the Constitution.

The Founding Fathers were all well educated men and very familiar with the leading scientists of the day. Benjamin Franklin, and Gottfried Leibniz, were known associates in France. Leibniz, is the scientist responsible for putting the term ‘Monadology” into modern science. It is the study of the Monad, which separates Sethian Christianity from the mainstream Orthodoxy of Irenaeus, Hippolytus, and Tertullian. These are the Church Fathers who claim they are in the Apostolic Lineage with Polycarp according to some early Christians and modern Evangelicals.

Irenaeus, Tertullian, and Hippolytus, all wrote about bits and pieces of the monadic structure, and Gnostic philosophy, in their extant works. We know with certainty that Jesus, Pythagoreans, Hermetics, Zoroastrians, Benjamin Franklin, and Gottfried Leibniz, knew and studied a form of ‘Monadology.’ We (Gnostic scholars, and thousands of Gnostic students) also know that this form of study was gleaned from the Chinese philosophy of the Tai Chi. (My discovery) In fact, the Tai Chi, and the Pythagorean, and Sethian systems are almost identical. In effect if the Constitution were not in this ‘form’ the ‘Law of the Land’ standard for defining ‘rights’ would not be possible. Jesus would understand this ‘exactly.’

In Sethian Christianity, Jesus is the Monad, and that means ‘Word’ exactly as it is read in the “Gospel of John.” Monad in effect is the Christian form of Chi, as it is related in works by Fung Yu-Lan, the great Chinese historian, documented by Princeton’s “The History of Chinese Philosophy.” In effect, the monadic structure of the Constitution, makes it possible to show the document in the same paradigm as the Sethian Christian, ‘monadology,’ or the Chinese Tai Chi. Maybe, Leibniz, and Franklin, were familiar with the passage from the “Oracles of Zoroaster”……

“25. The Monad first existed, and the Paternal Monad still subsists.
26. When the Monad is extended, the Dyad is generated.
27. And beside Him is seated the Dyad which glitters with intellectual sections,
to govern all things and to order everything not ordered.
28. The Mind of the Father said that all things should be cut into Three, whose
Will assented, and immediately all things were so divided.
29. The Mind of the Eternal Father said into Three, governing all things by Mind.
30. The Father mingled every Spirit from this Triad.
31. All things are supplied from the bosom of this Triad.
32. All things are governed and subsist in this Triad
33. For thou must know that all things bow before the Three Supernals.
34. From thence floweth forth the Form of the Triad, being preexistent; not the
first Essence, but that whereby all things are measured.
35. And there appeared in it Virtue and Wisdom, and multiscient Truth.
36. For in each World shineth the Triad, over which the Monad ruleth.”

The “Three Supernals” is perhaps a reference to the Kabbalah, but probably refers to the state of Tripartite, in Gnostic terms. It is highly significant that the “Oracles” link both the Jewish Kabala, with Sethian Christian scripture. The Sethian method of using the Monad may well be an early version of the Kabala.

The “Oracles of Zoroaster are linked to Sethian Christianity by reference in another part of the ‘Oracles’ text to the word..

Sabaoth: Earthly form of Yaldaboath, (begetter of the Heavens)… “truth which is the power of Sabaoth the Good which is in thy material body – that is the truth which sprouted from the earth.” ( See; “Pistis Sophia”) Also a form relating to Deity. ”SHBOH, meaning The Seven.” (See; ”The Chaldæan Oracles of Zoroaster.” Edited and revised by Sapere Aude. [William Wynn Westcott] With an introduction by L. O. [Percy Bullock] [1895]. See also; “Origin of The World,” and ”The Testimony of Truth.”) Mary, the mother, again further interpreteth the same scripture from the meeting of herself with Elizabeth, mother of John the Baptizer, thy mother, and Elizabeth, mother of John, whom I have met. ‘Grace’ then is the power of Sabaoth in me, which went forth out of me, which thou art. Thou hast had mercy on the whole race of men. ‘Truth’ on the other hand is the power in Elizabeth, which is John, who did come and hath made proclamation concerning the way of Truth, which thou art,–who hath made proclamation before thee.” (”The Pistis Sophia,” Chapter 61.)

‘Saboath,’ simply does not exist in any other literature outside those texts which are common to Sethian Christianity, which dates from the time the Alexandrian Church was formed by Peter, Mark, Pantaenus, Basilides, Barnabus, and others in the very first years of post crucifixion Christianity. Leibniz, and Franklin probably knew nothing about Sethians, except what they learned by ‘legend.’ The Freemasons have ‘legends’ about a ‘mystery’ religion, beyond that, nobody until 1947 knew anything about ‘Sethians’ except they are heretics according to the ‘Church.’ (Hyppolitus, Irenaeus, and Tertulian, all made stuff up, not all of it, but way too much to be credible today. )

Like the Tai Chi, the Monadology, or sequence is connected by a generative force called ‘Chi’ or ‘Word’ which also means ‘energy.’ We cannot know if Leibniz, or Franklin knew about the Tai Chi, or if they really understood, the available information about the Monad, at the time this information was limited. In Leibniz’s theory of the Monad, only ‘matter’ is mentioned. If he had mentioned ‘spirit’ he might have been declared a ‘heretic’ by the ‘Church’ which could be fatal at the time. Franklin or Leibniz would have to be connected to the ‘Oracles’ to prove they may have understood anything Sethian. They must have gotten the Pythagorean, because the Constitution, works with the theory….

Leibniz claimed the Monad an element of matter, and unit of science, there is no mention of Jesus, or Spirit concerning the Leibniz theory. But some claim that the U.S. Constitution was written under the conditions of Divine influence. Perhaps this is true in more ways than we now know. In my own opinion the Constitution should be treated with a great deal of respect in concern with the Gnostic ideology. I treat it like it has a Divine influence.
One of the main characteristics of Gnostic writing is organizing and using sets, like the triad of Judicial, Legislative, and Executive. In the Constitution these establishments of the trilogy are interlocked as to their function. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, in Sethian Christianity have identical meanings, and utility. This function is ‘glued’ by the understanding of an underlying philosophy in Gnosticism, the Monadology, which is like Chi to the Chinese. In the Sethian teaching the underlying ‘spirit’ is Jesus.

This union of Monad, and inclusive sets, means that a provision or mandate stated in one part of the document, must apply to the whole. This would comply to the Pythagorean, and Sethian Christian philosophy in regard to the underlying influence of the “Word,” e.g. the natural ordering power of Wisdom. (See; “The Gospel of Thomas, and Christian Wisdom,” by Stevan Davis, Bardic Press, (2005). Certain units in a monadic set, or a set in the Tai Chi, have inherent functions as to the whole.

The monadic sequence has a particular ‘flow’ like electrons flowing through a parallel electric circuit. Units in the set are a synergy or gestalt. The last unit in a monadic set is the ‘gender’ unit which can create the direction of the flow, in the complex Gnostic dualities involved in monadic sets. The way the Sethian sets work is the ‘Word’ is always first, denoting the Word of God, i.e. Sophia, Law, Holy Spirit, Logos, Wisdom, and other synonymous words.

The last unit of a monadic set generates change, or adheres to convention according to purpose and utility, and this is referred to as the gender principle in Hermetic lore…

“The Principle of Gender: Gender is in everything; everything has its masculine and feminine principle; Gender manifests on all planes. This postulates the idea that gender, especially the feminine, or negative pole in duality is actually the pole where new forms of energy are manifested.”(Kybalion)

The Founding Fathers would have understood the ‘principle’ of maintaining balance with a triad of the Executive, Judicial, and Legislative branches of government.

If we extend the triad of Executive, Judicial and Legislative powers to a tetrad we can construct, Word (Law), Executive, Judicial, Legislative, or Executive, Judicial, Legislative, and People, or Body. The tetrad is like the duad in that there is a great deal of polarity between the units. The Pentad shows a balance or harmony of the American people that was meant to be kept by using the device of the Constitution.

The pentad showing the best ‘set’ for American balance and harmony would be ‘Word (Law), Executive, Judicial, Legislative, and the Body, or mass of American people. ‘Law’ in this case is the Monad, and this is based upon the Constitution as the primary force in the set. The ‘Body’ or people in this set is in the ‘gender’ position which means that ‘people’ in this paradigm are the balancing factor in the way the ‘machine’ is to function.

Many would see this present government in terms of ‘Law, Judicial, Legislative, Body/People, and the Executive as the gender or changing factor. The people should always be in this guiding position. For the Gnostic, the Body, is like the monadic set of; Word, Self, Family, City, Country, World, Universe, Pleroma. (meaning ‘All.’). The Gnostic ‘self’ seeks balance in the formation of this set, as it represents his environment, or “Kenoma.” I think it is safe to say since the monadic paradigm of the Constitution shows this, Jesus would see it immediately.

In short, it is not likely Jesus could endorse ignoring the United States Constitution, as a Christian tool that creates freedom for everyone. I also see the absolute irony that the Constitution was designed to help resurrect a ‘lost’ Christianity, an that (probably by accident) shows the Word of God, as being a heuristic philosophical device, used by Jesus and the Apostles. My advice to Christians as a Gnostic Bishop is to learn the Constitution like a Holy Sword, be a good Christian, and be a good American.

The imperialist influence of the American Executive, has tried to hijack the Constitutional protections which they have sworn by “Oath” to protect. In the name of Jesus, please learn how to define a “Law of the Land” right, and teach your Congressmen.