All beings by nature are Buddha,

as ice by nature is water;

apart from water there is no ice,

apart from beings,

no Buddha.





“For the Father judgeth no man, but hath committed all judg- ment unto the Son: That all men should honour the Son, even as they honour the Father. He that honoureth not the Son h.on- oureth not the Father which hath sent him” (john 5~2-23).


The transcendental God the Father beyond all creation reflected Himself as the Christ Intelligence in creation, to be the underlying guiding Intelligence of all manifestations. The intelligent creative forces of Cosmic Nature all emerge from the supreme Christ Intelligence as accessories of the Holy Ghost Cosmic Vibration. Thus Christ Intelligence is directly responsible for the creation of man and for giving to each man his power of free choice to do good or evil. Hence, all human beings are in turn directly responsible to the Christ Intelligence for the use or misuse of their free will.


“The Father hath committed all judgment unto the Son” does not mean that the Christ Intelligence punishes or rewards each person, but that each individual must suffer the consequences of his own actions when he makes wrong determinations. Man, whose soul is made in the image of the Infinite Christ, should naturally live as a Christ; but when he resists and acts against the Christ conscience in him, he puts himself in disharmony with the ever-flowing judgment or wisdom or harmony or love or peace of Christ. A river follows its natural course to make a land fertile; but if an embankment is put up which impedes that flow, the river indirectly, with no subjective intent, passes judgment of punishment by denying its theretofore freely giving water. So also, when man erects a wall of ignorance and non,-receptivity and matter-identifIed living, he fInds  that the divine waters of Christ-wisdom have passed judgment not to  flow in his-life, in respect of his free will. It would be wrong to ascribe to Christ (who suffered on the cross, saying: “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do”), and to God or Godlike souls, any revengeful judgment or action.


The Father, hidden in all space, manifests Himself through His true incarnate sons who receive and reflect His wisdom. Those who respect the Father and are desirous of knowing Him, but cannot hear His guiding voice, should honor and follow these true sons of God- God-sent enlightened gurus-through whose voices God speaks to truth-seeking devotees. It is so easy for devotees to hear the voice of God in the definite guidance of God-known masters. Ignorant people do not know God because they do not purify their minds to receive Him. Jesus and Christlike souls manifest God; and therefore persons who do not honor or offer respectful attention to these pure channels similarly deny respectful attention to the Father who is responsible for His emissaries’ missions of redemption on earth.


 –Paramahansa Yogananda (The Second Coming of Christ: The Resurrection of the Christ Within You, vol. 1  page 355)




Divinity can be found in this world, and the mundane can be found in Divinity.

Rabbi Rami M. Shapiro, in “The teaching and practice of

Reb Yerachmiel ben Yisrael,” points out that ultimately these two worlds are one,

though they do not often appear to be so. Reality is sometimes perceived as being

“out there” and other times as “in here.” Both are valid.

They are simply aspects of the same ultimate reality, and both point to ultimate meaning.


–Avram Davis (Best Practices: A distillation of techniques and outlook; found in Meditation in the heart of Judaism)