My mother aged 2 1/2



From each moment

I draw life.

From each living being

I draw love.

From the earth and the sun

I draw nourishment.

From each I receive

And to each I joyfully give.

For the web that connects

Each to me.

Weaves its tapestry

Throughout my being,

Uniting me with all.


Is an illusion.

–Danaan Parry (Essene Book of Meditations and Blessings)


The only valid argument is forgotten, namely, that the world is not the illusion of the particular individual-otherwise each individual would dream a different world-but of a collectivity or plurality of collectivities, which are superimposed on or interpenetrate one another; this “collective subject” embraces all humanity and, on a vaster scale, all terrestrial creatures. The empirical homogeneity of the world is then explained by solidarity within a cosmic dream, which is marked by a common “sensibility”; a mountain is a mountain and not a dream even for an ant, or ants would be going through rocks and climbing in the void. There is thus a multiform “earthly being”, which is a state of existence having innumerable degrees or “compartments” and the center of which is the human state: all the subjects contained in this collective subject will have homogeneous reactions in the sense that for all of them the sun gives heat, light, and life or that for all a rock is impenetrable, and so forth. This “being” must moreover extend beyond terrestrial limits, for it is more than probable that this something that causes us the sensation “sun” causes the same sensation in extraterrestrial beings, so that the problem of objectivity-or the collective dream-scarcely stops at the limits of any given subjective universe; a particular cosmos is a closed system only in a relative sense, for Existence is one. It is in fact only the total Universe that we can qualify as a “dream” pure and simple since an ordinary. dream presupposes by definition a perfect subjectivity, and this condition, which implies that vision should be shared by no other subject- unless by subjective coincidence-is fulfilled only in the “dream” of the universal Soul, where the subject is unique; in this case the word “dream” is only another term for “illusion” or maya. The star-filled sky is not a dream insofar as we see it or all men see it, but insofar as the universal Soul “conceives” it in a play that is eternally free, having no other motive than Beatitude; the starry vault is not an “imagination” of our individual consciousness but of a “universal layer” of our consciousness, hence of a consciousness that immensely surpasses the ego, whence the homogeneity of the empirical world. It is “universal Man” who dreams, and we dream in him and with him.

–Frithjof Schuon (Gnosis divine Wisdom)


As I pull on my gloves and prepare

For another day-long drive,

The landscape is full of life;


Nieces of millionaires

Twitter on terraces,

Peasant wives are pounding

Linen on stones by a stream,

And a doctor’s silk hat dances

On top of a hedge as he hurries

Along a sunken lane.


All these and theirs are at home,

May love or hate their age

And the beds they are built to fit;


Only I have no work

But my endless journey, its joy

The whir of wheels, the hiss

As moonlit miles flash by,

Its grief the glimpse of a face

Whose unique beauty cannot

Be asked to alter with me.


Or must everyone see himself

As I, as the pilgrim prince

Whose life belongs to his quest


For the Truth, the tall princess,

The buried gold or the Grail,

The important thought-of Thing

Which is never here and now


Like this world through which he goes’

That all the others appear

To possess the secret of?

–W H Auden (The Age of Anxiety)