Is gentle
And not
A path
Of direction
For a destination
Is grand illusion
As pure silence
Is the source
Of home
The true
We measure
Not in distance
Only in the acceptance
That we are never alone



–silent lotus



“Boundlessness is beyond definition, it is beyond the sum of all of its ‘parts.’ That is to say, if we put together all of the possible attributes and characteristics that could possibly exist in this universe, Boundlessness would embrace all of them and still be ‘larger’ beyond all limits – thus ultimately unimaginable, ungraspable, unknowable.

When a God-name is used, we must always keep in mind that it represents only a small fragment of divine Boundlessness. There are may God-names in Hebrew that describe attributes. Still, time and time again the sages caution us to be careful not to confuse the name of an attribute with the source itself.”


David A. Cooper (Ecstatic Kabbalah)



Into blinding darkness enter those who worship the unmanifest and into still greater darkness those who take delight in the manifest.

Different indeed they declare what results from the manifest and distinct they say what comes out of the unmanifest. This is what we heard from the wise who explained these truths to us.

He who understands both the manifest and the unmanifest together, crosses death through the unmanifest and attains immortality through the manifest.

Covered with the golden disc is the face of truth. Uncover it, O Pusan, so that I who love truth may be able to see it.

O Pusan, the one seer, O controller, O sun, offspring of Prajapati, bring out your radiant rays and focus your radiance so that I may be able to see the auspicious form of yours. Who so ever person is there beyond, that also I am.

The Isa Upanishad