“This which, from the beginning, I brought out of myself, I cast into the first ordinance. And the first ordinance cast a part of it into the great light. And the great light cast a part of what it received into the five helpers, and the last helper took a part from what it received and cast it into the mixture. And the part has come to be in all who are in the mixture, as I have just said to you.”


– Pistis Sophia, Ch 8


“We respectfully praise the five great Uthra-Buddhas of Light, who are the Armor of Kindness, the strong Walled Courts, the wonderful forms of the essence and flower of the world, who support and hold various things, many Heavens and Earths; who are the bodies and lives of all sentient beings. All who see with eyes, and who hear voices with ears; who can create bodily strength from bones and joints, and can make all species and races which grow and feed; who speak several languages of different tongues, who also make several tunes of different notes; who are also the broad and great Light of the mind and knowledge, and can remove the many distresses and hardships; all the wisdom and kindness of a benevolent person, all the language and eloquence of a rhetorician; who can make graceful and solemn complexion in body and countenance,

and the blessings and benefits of the noble and triumphant one; who also create the prosperity and distinction of one of superior nature, and the skills and art of a brave and strong man; who are the authority and influence of the Free One, and the benefits and utility of the favored beings; all the excellent remedies of the sick person, all the soothing expressions for the quarrelsome; who can make the “yeast of body “for a myriad things, and can accomplish the works for whoever relies and depends on them; who also make the world thriving, abundant, and ripe, and are the various shoots of grasses and trees; who soar high above the world in the spring and summer, and are the heralds of each year and each month. If there is any wise and kind, blessed and virtuous one, why will they not think about this Great Power? Always you must protect and remember the words of Reality and Truth.

Always fear, but belittle them not nor neglect them. Know and observe the Five Great Buddhas of Light: Why have they come from the Father’s side into this world? Beware clearly that they have suffered for no sins of their own, and that the good and clever beings will be extracted from the Devils’ den. You are then called one who has eyes to see, You are then called a wise and kind one. Stop all sorts of evil doings, and be sent back to your own originator! Firmly observe fasting and commandments, always guard these carefully. Control your thoughts, and rectify and regulate them constantly; Think and consider the real and right Law, day and night, and persistently select and clarify the five wonderful Bodies. If there are people who suffer in the reincarnation of hell, in the fire of the aeon kalpa of destruction and the eternal confinement,

It is really because they do not recognize the Five Light-Bodies, and are therefore severed from the Land of Peace and Happiness. Withal, I tell you, good-doing elders and younger siblings of Light: Think and consider carefully the selected, Wonderful Body. Be, each of you, the brave, strong, and wise Ship-master, and ferry these wandering Sons into the strange Land! They are the adored and valuable treasures of the blessed Lord of Light. Remove them all out of the sea with your bodily ships. Industriously heal the wounds and torturing tumors of them, who have for long sadly been expecting deliverance and protection. Pray, each of you, be merciful and receive them in reality and truth, and return them as they are, quickly to the Lord. the noble race have wandered about for many years, send them back swiftly to their native land, the place of peace and happiness; the graceful and upright Sons of Light, who have the perfect form.

Extract them early from the storehouse of greed and desire. Seek precious treasures in the gloomy, deep sea of tortures, and run to offer them to the clean and pure Lord of Nirvana. Save the severely wounded from ulcers and pain, and wash and cleanse the bright pearls from mud and urine. All the wonderful offerings which are received, as said by the Law, are restored to the original Lord, dignified and solemn, clean and pure: and these are exactly the flesh and blood of Yeshu. Whoever deserves can take them as they like, But if they be vain and fallacious, and ungrateful, even Yeshu will be powerless, and there is no road to redemption. Remember and think, when one is trembling to their life’s end, Let their reasons be not unjustified before the King of the Balance! Kind Light in his Law-Form and the other Mamitran-Bodhisattvas have always suffered afflictions for the sake of these Light-Bodies. and all the Buddhas and Mamitrans in the past have all established wonderful Laws for the Five Lights. Now the brave and resolute Mani, the blessed Lord, has shown and revealed all about them before us. You, the wise and kind, blessed and virtuous people, must know and comprehend the compassionate nature.

Give healing and remedies industriously and prevent forbidden acts, and whoever has hardships and suffering, affect their cure. Be always firm and strong in observing commandments and ceremonies, practicing fasting, worshiping, praising, and reciting. Be always clean and pure in the deeds of body, mouth, and mind. Sing and chant the words of Law without break or stop; and also practice merciful deeds earnestly, Be gentle and amicable, bear humiliations and purify all Roots. These are all the remedies for the Bodies of Light, which spare you pain, fear, and many hardships and afflictions. the wandering strangers in an alien land for a casual day, will all be invited to be joyous and happy; the dignified and solemn Temple buildings are always clean and pure. Prepare robes and provision industriously, and come out of the sea!”