Jesus said,

“Do not be concerned

from morning until evening


from evening until morning

about what you will wear.”



Matthew 6:28-30,34

“And why be anxious about clothes?

Consider how the lilies grow in the fields;

they do not work,

they do not spin;

yet I tell you,

even Solomon in all his splendour

was not attired like one of them.

If that is how God clothes the grass in the fields,

which is there today

and tomorrow is thrown on the stove,

will he not all the more clothe you?”

“So do not be anxious about tomorrow;

Tomorrow will look after itself.

Each day has troubles enough of its own.”


Luke 12:25


Can anxious thought add a day to your life?


Papyrus Oxyrhynchus 655.1-17

Jesus says, “Do not worry, from morning to evening nor from evening to morning, either about you food, what you will eat, or about your clothing, what you will wear.  You are much better than the lilies, which do not card or spin. As for you, when you have no garment, what will you put on? Who might add to your stature? That very one will give you your garment.”



To those with “eyes to see”,

New clothing is like the Emperor’s,

It can’t hide the naked truth.

True colors shine through.



As in The Hymn Of The Pearl, the “garment” is the earthly body, which is “poverty” when compared with the “robe” worn in the Kingdom where we originated and to which we are to return.



“Indeed, I am amazed at how this great wealth

has made its home in this poverty.”