Whoever knows our great Power  will become invisible. Fire will be unable to consume such a person, but it will purify. And it will destroy all that you possess.


For all those in whom my form appears, from seven days old to one hundred twenty years old, will be saved. Upon them are placed these obligations, to gather together all that is lost and the letters of our great Power, that the great Power may write your name in our bright light and bring the thoughts and deeds of others to an end. Then these may be purified, scattered, destroyed, and brought together in the place no one can see.


You will see me and prepare-your dwelling places in our great Power.

Come to know how what has gone has come to be, that you may know how what is alive will come to be. And know how to recognize this, and what that aeon looks like, what its nature is, and how it came into being.


Why dont you ask what your nature will be, or how you have come into being?


–The Concept of our Great Power



“If spiritual awareness is being, then what do you do once you have reached such holiness? If living in this world is doing, then how shall you be while you are doing? You must sanctify the deed with the spirit and embody the spirit with the deed.”


– Lawrence Kushner (Honey from the Rock)