“It is quite usual, when a man comes into intimate spiritual contact with God, that he should feel himself entirely changed from within.  Our spirit undergoes a conversion, a metanoia, which reorientates our whole being after raising it to a new level, and even seems to change our whole nature itself.”


–Thomas Merton


In Evolutionary Enlightenment, we begin to understand
that who and what we all are, at every level of
existence, is part and parcel of a vast, cosmic
process—a process that began 14 billion years ago when
something burst out of nothing, and is constantly
developing and ever-unfolding in every moment. And our
own personal salvation is found when we reach that
point where we begin to care more about the evolution
of that process than we do about our own liberation,
our own happiness, or even our own enlightenment. When
we begin to care about something that is so much
deeper and higher and more important than ourselves,
we find ourselves remarkably and quite spontaneously
less preoccupied with and burdened by our personal
fears and desires. This is not because those fears and
desires have necessarily gone away, but because
something more important has entered into the very
center of our being, and our heart has become consumed
with that. In this way, personal liberation becomes no
longer the goal of our spiritual search, but merely a
spontaneous byproduct of our passionate care for the
unmanifest potential of the next moment.

–Andrew Cohen



“There is a treasure in the mountain.

He who seeks it, does not find it.

He who does not seek it, does.” 


The sustenance of a person can be symbolized by the idea of the manna. In its deepest meaning, manna (or sustenance) originates from the most hidden supernal planes, as it is written: “… for they did not know what it was” (Exodus 16:15). The manna represents the most difficult test to human beings, since to have access to it, they have to go through the most “filthy places.” This is so because one’s daily sustenance originates in a very recondite and exalted source, and the moment it penetrates this material world, its orig­inal light becomes immediately concealed. For such light cannot be apprehended in a rational way, but through faith only. Therefore, the instant when the manna came down from Heaven for

daily sustenance, it was difficult for the people to believe it would also come on the following day. Such doubt constantly assaults the heart. And be­cause they did not believe the manna would come on the following day, many of the people started storing part of their manna for the next morning, and “it became putrid and maggoty with worms” (Exodus 16:20). The truth is that the manna for a specific day serves for that day alone.