“The goal of Jewish mysticism is the effort (combined with the

practice) to come close to things, a yearning for identification.

This yearning includes all things, small and large, but its special

goal is an identification with the innermost aspect of everything – the  divine.  Mysticism, therefore, is the desire to remove the outer coverings of things which hide their inner quality. Only through finding innerness in our lives, as well as the innerness of all things, will this desire for full identification enjoy any kind of gratification.  It is possible, therefore, to perceive two processes at work in mysticism. First, an activity which is mainly speculative – that is, the intellectual effort to remove the shells of reality.  Secondly, the activity by which, after the removal of the outer coverings, one binds oneself to this truth. These two processes make up, respectively, the philosophy and practice of mysticism.”


–From “9 (and a) 1/2 Mystics The Kabbala Today” by Herbert Weiner




But look, God works such great things in many people and they

are transformed in their essence by the divine essence and it is

not they but God who works in them.


Then thank God for their sakes and if he grants it to you, accept

it gladly. If he does not grant it to you, then you should willingly go without it. Intend only him and have no thought as to whether it is you or God who performs things in you, for this is what God must do if you intend him alone, whether he wishes to or not.


–Meister Eckhart