On the same spot I sit today

Others come, in ages past, to sit.

One thousand years, still others will come.

Who is the singer, and who is the listener?

–Nguyen Cong Tru





One day during a storm a heavy branch fell onto a little snowdrop plant. Later when the branch was removed the small tender stems, unharmed, were seen to have spread out and curled around as if to embrace the log. Less than an hour later, the little shoots had all but straightened out and, unimpeded, were growing upward toward their fulfillment.

Murshida Sitara Brutnell



“The moment the first man sprang into being, moved by the breath of God, the depths of the center of his perfect soul blazed with the silent, magnificent flame of Wisdom.  Poised over the bright abyss of an interior purity that was perfectly serene because perfectly unconcerned with itself, Adam knew, before all else, that he possessed the truth, shining in the clean mirror of his own spirit.  But more than that, knew that his very spirit existed in and by and for the Truth.  That Truth
was more than a transcendental property of being.  He saw himself in the Truth Who is a personal Absolute, the Lord of life and death, the Living God.  He knew that he was himself real because he was loved by Him Who Is.”

–Thomas Merton