Thou art the buried treasure, the chief of my wealth, the pearl which is the beauty of all the gods.

And I am the righteousness sown in thy limbs, and in the stature of thy soul – the gladness of thy Mind. Thou art my Beloved, the Love in my limbs;

and the heroic Mind, the essence of my limbs.

From the holiness of my limbs didst thou descend in the beginning into the dark places, and didst become their Light.

Through thee a diadem was bound on all our foes.

It became apparent and held sway during the hours of tyranny.

For thy sake was there battle and tremor in all the heavens and the bridges of the earths.

For thy sake ran and sped all the Dark Powers over … For thy sake were bound the Princes and all the Dark Powers and …

For thy sake … the diadem was taken away

For thy sake shone forth the Apostles and became apparent, who reveal the Light above, and uncover the root of Darkness.

For thy sake the Gods went forth and became apparent. They struck down Death, and Darkness they slew. Thou art the exalted Trophy, the sign of Light that puts

Darkness to flight.

And I am come forth to save thee from the Sinner, to make thee whole from pain, and to bring gladness to thy heart.

All thou hast desired of me I shall bestow upon thee. I shall make new thy place within the lofty kingdom.

I shall set open before thee the gates in all the heavens,

and shall make smooth thy path, free from terror and


I shall take thee with might, and enfold thee with love,

and lead thee to thy home, the blessed abode.

For ever shall I show to thee the noble Father; I shall lead

thee in, into his presence, in pure raiment.

I shall show to thee the Mother of the beings of Light. For ever shalt thou rejoice in lauded happiness. I shall reveal to thee the holy brethren. the noble … ,

who are filled with happiness.

For ever shalt thou dwell joyful among them all,

beside all the Jewels and the venerable Gods. Fear and death shall never overtake thee more,

nor ravage, distress and wretchedness.

Rest shall be thine in the place of salvation,

in the company of all the Gods and

those who dwell in quietness.


–Extract from “Rich Friend of the Light Beings” Manichean text.




“It is important to note that when one is aiming for self-perfection, one needs to work slowly and methodically, taking one step at a time, without attempting to remodel and change oneself in a single day. Internal changes that come too suddenly, rarely endure. The moment the high, or the inspiration, is over, so is the transformation. This occurs to all of us at one time or another. In the heat of a moment we may decide to drastically change. Yet when the passion fades, the resolutions become mere memories. It is better to make small changes successfully, than fail in drastic ones. The rate of success for a resolution is greater when the resolution taken is not of monumental magnitude. A simple example, if one feels oneself to be slacking in prayers, one should resolve to pray with the proper concentration once a week, and build on the success. Success breeds success. When people feel successful in what they are doing they then feel empowered, which affords them the strength and courage to move forward, and become even better.”


– DovBer Pinson (Meditation and Judaism)