Open your fists

into embraces

Open you arms’ length

into loving circles.

–James Broughton


YHVH – His unique, glorious, and awesome name. We will explain its meaning according to the capacity to speak and to know about the glory of the supernal name of the Lord and His fear…..The [name] is transmitted only to the meek, who do not get angry, and to the God-fearing, who perform the commandments of their Creator. It is transmitted only over water, as it is written, ‘The voice of the Lord is over the waters’ (Psalms 29:3). Before the master teaches his disciples they should bathe in water and immerse themselves…..They should don white clothes and fast on the day he will teach them [the name], and they should stand in the water up to their ankles. Then the master opens his mouth in fear and says: ‘Blessed are You, O Lord, Our God, king of the universe, Lord, God of Israel, You are one and Your name is awesom. Blessed are You, Lord, who reveals His secret to those who fear Him, the One who knows all secrets.’ The master and his disciples should look at the water and say, ‘The ocean sounds, O Lord, the ocean sounds its thunder, the ocean souds its pounding, more majestic than the breakers of the sea is the Lord, majestic on high.’ (Psalm 93:3-4). ‘The voice of the Lord is over the waters, the God of glory thunders, the Lord, over the mighty waters’ (Psalm 29:3). ‘The waters saw You, O God, the waters saw You and wer convulsed; the very deep quaked as well’ (Psalm 77:17). ‘Your way was through the sea, Your path, through the mighty waters; Your tracks could not be seen’ (Psalm 77:20). Afterwards they should go near the water or to a synagogue or study-house where there is water in a pure vessel, and the master should say: ‘Blessed are You, Lord, our God, king of the universe, who has sanctified us with this commandments and commanded us and separated us from the nations and revealed to us His secrets and instructed us in the knowledge of His great and awesome name’.”

– Eleazer of Worms (Sefer ha-Shem)


Rain fell today

and somewhere lotus flowers are blossoming.

So are we.

Defying the impossible

in the shelter and warmth of each other’s hearts,

extending the night, caressing the stars,

And knowing each other’s hearts

is our human bliss.

–Jarvis J. Masters (death row, SanQuentin)


“A person whose consciousness is always attached [to the Ayn Sof]…..enjoys great delight at every moment, for the root of soul is attached…..If he were to stop serving for even a moment he would immediately feel the absence of this great pleasure. Knowing that, he will make sure not to separate himself from service for even the briefest moment, so as not to be exposed to the harshness of that deprivation.”

Likkutim Yekarim


“Our vocation is precisely this: to bear witness to the truth of Christ
by laying down our lives at his bidding.”

–Thomas Merton