A young boy was living in the house of an ogre. The ogre would only give him one glass of water a day. At times the boy would yearn for a few drops of fresh water. Early one morning before the sun rose he went outside and the grass was covered with the sweetest water. As the boy licked the grass he looked across the garden and there upon a perfect rose was a droplet of dew sparkling as a diamond with the lights of the heavens above reflected within its sweet water. The boy approached the diamond of the rose and asked where have you come from my beautiful light shining in the dawn of this garden? The watery diamond upon this rose flickered as if it were alive and a gentle voice of the night spoke, “my father is the sun,  my mother the moon, in the wind I travel from rose to rose and within the earth am I nursed. As I ascend from the earth through the rays of my father the sun I take with me the lessons my nurse gives unto me. I rest in the firmament awaiting the cool caress of my mother the moon, then I descend to my nurse tinctured by the lights of the night sky. The Earth lays a blanket of roses and all manner of flowers, herbs and alike to cradle my rest. As she tells me her stories of time the plants absorb the rays of light within the watery body that is this humble dew drop.


The boy asked can I gather these droplets of your sweet water  for I am athirst?  You may but you must use a gathering plate made of silver in the shape of the crescent moon, place my sweet water within a crucible as round as my mother the moon, seal it with the wax of thy candle so that this sweet water shall not escape. Place a cross below the crucible and fire it slowly to heat my sweet water but not melt the wax of your candle. The slow fire will make my sweet water ascend and descend as I, if you have patience in time you will see the waters of life you so have a thirst for. When this water is ripe you shall know and if you drink of it you will thirst no more.


The boy did as the dew said with great patience, he watched and he watched. As he watched he grew older but he patiently watched and he noticed a substance begin to form within the crucible. As it formed it turned to stone solid and round and began to change color, glowing with brilliance. Then he seen in this water the earth and in the firmament of the crucible the lights of the heavens, it was time to drink his water. He drank and his thirst was quenched for he knew that in every droplet of dew was an angel of the Lord and an old man walked away never to thirst again


Paul Tisdell