These days, many people are becoming interested in the relationship between evolution and spirituality. But it is one thing to be capable of intellectually and even experientially appreciating these matters, and quite another to authentically embrace the evolutionary nature of the human experience as oneself. The ability to even recognize life as an evolving process is a fairly recent cognitive leap in our development. And it’s another leap altogether to embrace that fact at a soul level, to begin to live in accordance with the recognition that the self and its own experience is part of a process that is developing in and through time. Is the life you are living very personally oriented and self-serving, even while intellectually and philosophically you may understand that you are an integral part of a vast, interrelated unfolding? Or does the life you are living reflect a knowledge of your responsibility to a greater whole, and a care for the evolution of the process that you are? That is the difference between evolutionary enlightenment and simply having a highly developed intellectual and philosophical perspective.

This teaching is all about grasping that you are part of a process in a way that transcends mere cognition. It is about creating a manifest expression of nonduality, and that’s a big challenge. Many of us express a profound degree of duality between what we are able to cognitively appreciate and the way in which we embrace the life we are living. But if we are committed to the evolution of consciousness, we need to endeavor to create and co-create an ever-deepening alignment between our philosophical understanding and our actual relationship to life. That is what I call serious spiritual practice.


–Andrew Cohen