A Mountain Nest

Have you seen a fish dissatisfied
with the ocean? Have you seen a lover?

Have you seen an image
that tries to avoid the engraver?
Have you seen a word emptied of meaning?

You need no name.
You are the ocean.
I am held in your sway.

Fire in your presence
turns into a rosebush.

When I am outside you,
life is torment.

Then Solomon walks back into Jerusalem,
and a thousand lanterns illuminate.

The divine glory settles
into a mountain nest.

The emperor and the source of light,
Shams Tabriz, lives here,
with no location in my chest.


800th anniversary

On September 30, 2007, Turkey celebrated Rumi’s 800th birthday with a giant whirling dervish sama performance to be aired live in 8 countries using 48 cameras. Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey Ertugrul Gunay stated that: “300 dervishes are scheduled to take part in this ritual, making it the largest performance of sama in history.” Iran will hold Iran’s Rumi week from October 26 until November 2.[40] Rumi had been the most popular poet in America, for this 13th-century mystical Muslim scholar’s translations of verses are hugely popular and had been used by Western pop stars such as Madonna.