Monogenes: The “Only begotten.” Probably means one thing, (one gene) that can
grow into more complex things in the context of the Monadology, like the term
Word, in the Sacred Tetrad. (See; Autogenes and Logos. See also; “A Valetinian
Expostition.”) May also resemble the idea of meme.

Monoimus: (150-210) Student of Tatain. He is known for coining the usage of the
word ‘Monad’ for use in the Christian Gnostic context. However the study of the
Monad, certainly preceded him, as the Zoroastrians, Pythagoreans, and Hermetics
used the technology of the monad prior to Christianity, and was used by Sethians
prior to Monoimus.

Montanus: Second Century founder of the Montanists, who held that the Holy
Spirit was giving new revelations to the (his) Church. They made declarations
against certain social practices, and practiced fasting, declared the sanctity
of a single marriage. They were declared heretics by the ‘Church’ and rejected.
It is doubtful that this sect could be considered Gnostic in terms of heresy
that they were accused of by the Bishop of Rome. They were probably anti-Gnostic
in spite of claims to the Holy Spirit. Tertullian is said to have joined this
group in his later years. (See; Tertullian.)

Nag Hammadi: (Naj Hammadi) Name of the Egyptian town where the Gnostic texts and
scriptures were unearthed in 1947. Also refers to the Nag Hammadi Library. (NHL)

Nag Hammadi Texts

Nag Hammadi Texts