“It is true that man’s spirit has been degraded and debauched by cynical abuse of means of communication. He has been reduced to the condition of a machine responding automatically to words that are fed to him. Such a machine is not really capable of divine faith without a process of radical healing and restoration. The task of Christian renewal in society is therefore vital if men are going to recover their capacity to believe.”


–Thomas Merton


When I was eleven years old,

I had a dream

that I was facing the west

on a hill.

There was lightning.

I looked down

and I was holding a pipe.

The dream bothered me.

I dreamt it twice in one week.

I went to Sam Moves Camp, Sr.

who put me in a sweat lodge

with water and no food

since I was only eleven years old.

When I was fourteen,

Sam put me on the hill

for a vision quest,

I remembered from my Catholic instruction

That Christ fasted.


–Richard Moves Camp





“One of the most important concepts in Kabbalah teaches that whatever happens anywhere in the universe reverberates throughout the totality of creation. Thus our lives are affected by what is happening everywhere, moreoever, whatever we do in our lives affects everything in the universe.

Perhaps this sounds a bit pretentious. We often view ourselves as inconsequential specks of dust in a universe in which distances are measured in light-years and the number of known stars exceeds the limits of our imagination. This sense of individual limitation is a natural outcome of our linear thought process…….The kabbalistic approach is that awareness is a holistic continuum. Once we enter a holstic frame of reference in which all parts are complete and are replicas of the whole, then everything in the universe, by definition, is integrally connected…..

Each time we do something that raises consciousness, we lift sparks of holiness to new levels. This called tikkun ha-nefesh, mending the soul, and tikkun ha-olam, mending the world, bringing it closer to its source. Although initially the idea of mending the soul and mending the world seem different, in reality they cannot be separated: we cannot raise sparks in ourselves without raising those in the world, and vice versa. Even more important, according to Kabbalah, the process of expanding awareness in ourselves and the world is the fundamental reason for our existence. In fact, when we make no effort to raise our own consciousness and that of the world, we abdicate our humanness.”

– David A. Cooper (God is a Verb)