Jesus said,
“Where there are three gods,

they are gods.
Where there are two or one,

I am with him.”


Jesus said, “Where there are three deities, they are divine. Where there are two or one, I am with that one.”

Jesus says:
(1) “Where there are three gods, they are gods.
(2) Where there are two or one, I am with him.”

“Two’s a party, three’s a crowd”
The theme in Thomas seems to be

making the two into One,

you and your heavenly “twin”.
There is no need for a “third wheel”

in the bridal chamber.

Where there are three,

although I am everywhere,

I remain hidden.

Where there are two,

I am with you,

I stand beside you.

Where there is One,

I am within you,

I am You.

Of the three Gnostic divisions

(hylic, psychic, and pneumatic),

only two (psychic and pneumatic)

are considered “worthy” of consideration.

Hylics identify with the BODY and mistake

God’s identity with the outer representation

of an icon or idol. Their “god” is contained

within this outer shell. They are “three”:

BODY, a soul bound to the earth,

and a hidden spark of Spirit.

Psychics identify with the SOUL and worship

a “Higher Power”. Their “God” is outside themselves

and judges good and evil. Because they no longer identify God with the body,

they are “two”:

SOUL and an external Spirit.

Pneumatics identify with the SPIRIT and

have found God within themselves. They are

no longer concerned with an external judge;

they judge for themselves what is true.

They have made the two into One.

They are pure SPIRIT.


The three Gods are the Nazorean Trinity. There are many trinities in the Nazorean Pantheon, but the highest is that of the three Great Couples – Abba and Amma Amin, Yeshu and Miryai, and Mani and the Mother of Life. Yeshu and Miryai are with all who love Their Name, whether they be one or many. For They love us dearly and have lowered themselves for our upraising.