(106) Jesus said, “When you make the two one, you will become the sons’ of man, and when you say, ‘Mountain, move away,’ it will move away.”

It is, as you say,the movement from the divided state to the whole, the totality of man that makes something different than ‘man’, apparently divided and separate from ‘God’. The fulfillment and ‘salvation’ (a much maligned word) of man is this becoming sons of man.

Of course this is not just himself about which he is speaking, but anyone who brings up from within themselves that which makes the transformation, making the two, one. No longer is a distinct, indelible line discernable between ‘God’ and ‘m/Man’. Still the analogy of ‘father’ and ‘son’ will speak volumes when one listens.

Of course this is our calling as it was Yeshua’s in the earth, and as you know, ‘whorshiping’ is prone to do, misses the point altogether. Most persons, without personal experience of how such a thing could possibly be, project their own limitations as to what they see as the limits of man. To keep Jeshua in the picture at all, they must stick him in a category of his own, way up there in some imagined heaven where bowing and scraping must occur.

There are plenty with really the worst motives making their ‘services’ appear necessary to do this, demanding genuflecting to them as well, gaining a livelihood and power over others in the process. As you say, the guilt/sin trip is the tool that makes it work. “Become as a child” was Jeshua’s guidance. It is the solitary unification process that leaves one innocent, wide-eyed, and pure. Mercy, not condemnation. Just don’t do what you hate.

Of course, Jesus spoke out against sycophancy many times. “If you love me, do as I say … leave off this calling me “good master” bit. Call no man Father, Master, Teacher or Rabbi.” And so what does the Church do right off? Those still calling a man Father, Rabbi, Master or Teacher just try it, drop it off, leave it off! Follow his commandments. See if you feel condemned within, or instead, a new vital freedom? Only the old man is asking this of you, getting what he can out of it. One growing, moves beyond such goings-on and lets it be. Such apparent ‘evils’ still serving a function at this time.

Seeing oneself as a victim has a saving grace: one gains practice and strength in standing up, gaining the spiritual muscles required to see oneself for what one really is. Who really is the master of the situation, one way or the other? Arm-wrestling the strong arms of the Church is still a very important salutary step in many persons lives. The conflicts that here arise are just a part of the situation that Yeshua states about his not coming to bring peace, but conflict … the outcome being The Son undivided, standing as the solitary, Living One, the only way to LIVE.

As divided man, considering the possibilities and limits of man, one has no basis or strength to see oneself doing the things that Jesus did, and even greater, as he said we would do. Instead, we must find ways to deny, avoid and play down these possibilities. Moving literal mountains becomes only metaphor since we all know such things as this cannot happen in ‘this world’ as we have formed it in our divided minds.

But this man had it together, man, and there is nothing wrong a’ tall with genuine adoration, respect, and gratitude … very invigorating and energy-opening feelings resulting from the universal “anointing with oil” experience, not what has been made of it. These old words do become repulsive, but the truth behind them can later be fully appreciated. Such experience, as distinct from doctrine, will in no way be confused with losing one’s own sense of the autonomous, solitary “I” being which IS this united source of true strength, with unlimited possibilities. Our true Identity.

Not just ‘man’ and ‘God’ become united, but the ‘upper’ and the ‘lower’ as well. Both earth and Heaven come together into a Solitary New Thing, the tension between them melded. Truly ‘heaven on earth’ can be a reality for anyone. Even under the most dire and oppressive of circumstances with The Grand Picture in view. Here and Now.

Jerry B   (Gerald Brittell)
September 17, 2007