If someone becomes an attendant of the bridal chamber, that person will receive the light. If one does not receive it while here in this place, one cannot receive it in another place.

Those who receive the light cannot be seen or grasped. Nothing can trouble such people even when they are living in this world. And when they leave this world, they have already received truth through images, and the world has become the eternal realm. To these people the eternal realm is the Fullness.

This is the way it is. It is revealed to such a person alone, hidden not in darkness and night but hidden in perfect day and holy light.

–Gospel of Philip (Marvin Meyer Translation)

All the Buddhas, bodhisattivas and enlightend beings are present at all moments to help us, and it is through the presence of the master that all of their blessings are focused directly at us.

–Sogyai Rinpoche

Before he became a master, Khenpo Shenga was a bandit who had spent his whole life, up to the time he was about thirty-five years old, robbing and killing people. One day he incurred the wrath of another group of bandits, who wanted his head and began to chase him. Running beside the horse he was escaping on was his beloved, beautiful mare, who also happened to have a baby growing in her stomach. Because she was preg­nant she couldn’t run fast, and although he loved the horse very much, his pride simply would not allow this beautiful specimen of a horse to fall into the hands of other bandits. So making a critical decision, he whipped out his sword and hit the mare on the backside, practically slicing her in two. She fell to the ground, stricken, and the baby horse came out. But even though the mare was practically in two pieces, still she was moving her head toward her prematurely born baby to see if it was all right. At that moment, Khenpo Shenga deeply grasped what it meant to be a parent, what it meant to be a mother, and his heart cracked open. On the spot he abandoned his wild ways and went off to look for a master. It is said that after this he then just skated through the practices and evolved quickly into a very great master who came to benefit many others.