The following is a post I made  to one of the largest online Gnostic discussion forums.

I am posting it here as I felt I wanted to share it.  You may not agree with any of it.  It being from a discussion board it may appear to be slightly disjointed.

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Ok firstly I appreciate some find the idea of looking at other religions or posting quotes from them as wrong, or “bad.”  Myself, I think the Gnostic texts are few

1153 pg nag hammadi library
389 pg pistis sophia
275 pg books of Yeu.

Then I myself would include the 3500 or so manichean pages of texts we have from egypt and perhaps the 343 pages from China

there are also ancient aramaic texts drashe dmalke,  asafar malawasha, qulasta etc. which this group doesn’t really touch….

Thus given the fact we only really have about 2000 pages of Gnostic texzts yes? It is really rather “safe” to say…a lot is missing.  Burned, buried, destroyed etc etc etc
Of course you could argue a lot simply was never written down.

When I look at other religions I look and see how universal truth IS.
Take perhaps my favourite Vedic text “The Isa Upanishad” I see Gnosticism screaming at me!  it proclaims we must join ignorance and knowldge..opposites to truly be….

Mystical GNOSTIC truths transcend any one group or religion. Why? Because they are OF THE DIVINE….this is what seperates episteme from gnosis.  This is why I can read Sufi and Zen texts.  Then read the Naghammadi texts and see even MORE.   It is all very good to cling to one’s texts, but is it not dangerous to do so at the exclusion of other expressions of the SAME universal truths?

Take Thomas…the truths in there are so universal…they really do transcend any one dogma, one sect, one set of perceptions etc….

This is just my opinion of course.

Now as to sex….

If one actually examines the teachings of the New Testament for example one finds it states more that sleeping around is wrong, not unmarried or same gender relationships.

The ideas of monogamy for instance were largely instituted via the Romans.  Romans that have advocated monogamy and celibacy.  While practicing orgies and having brothels.

The Jews for instance did not really mention sex before marriage until the 13th century.

Gnostic (persian, aramaic not “classical”) groups sometimes practiced sacred sexual multi group marriages.  In these groups one man may have several wives, and one wife may have several husbands.  This was not about carnal gratification EVER.  This was about sacred sexual energy.  Breeding amongst the pure.

The sleeping prophet, Cayce spoke of this, although reluctantly as he felt modern people were still not ready for such revelations (note Cayce spoke of things in the nag hammadi library before it was even found)

“In preparation for the coming of the Son of  man, there were those who joined in their efforts to consecrate their lives, their bodies, for a service; for a channel through which activities might be had for the perfecting, as it were, of the material channel through which such an expression of the Creative Forces might come into the earth. See? There were then, twelve maidens in the temple, or of the ORDER of the temple, who were dedicated for such preparation.” reading 649-2

In the Gospel of Philip there are numerous mentions of what is called the bridal chamber. We also find:

“When Eve was still with Adam, death did not exist. When she was separated from him, death came into being. If he enters again and attains his former self, death will be no more.”

The Mandaean texts speak of Manichean sexual mysteries:

“Then I explained to you, my disciples, that  there is yet another Gate (sect) that derives from Msiha (Messiah). They are called “Zandiqi” (saints)and ‘Mar dMani” (of Lord Mani). They sow seeds in concealment” –Ginza (right) 9:1

The Mandaeans themselves advocate sex, not celibacy. For them, not breeding is abhorrent and wrong.  Texts such as Alp Trisar Suailia  state:”Praised be the Treasure of Life, Mother of all works, she from whom the upper, middle and lower worlds emanated, for she is my Spouse,Mara d-Rabutha, since her name is Nasirutha….
And he took a Spouse for Himself and created plants (children) and created worlds.”

The Bonpo Buddhist sect, who are perhaps one of the “oldest” sects state:

“With a pure vow as precondition the important thing is a worthy mate as virtuous companion…Ravishing and gently spoken, yet like the meanest servant..eschewing evil acts and exerting herself in the ten good acts…observing pure conduct and living in chastity.”

So we see sex is sacred. If treated with respect and treated well, be you hetro or homo.  Personally I am of the mind no sex act is wrong as long as it uplifts, uplifts, brings you closer to the divine

“He who is near me is near the fire, and he who is far from me is far from the kingdom”

“Listen! The tantric mysteries are said to be secret, Not because the Tantra is immoral but because it is closed. Closed to the narrow-minded adherants of lesser paths.” –Yeshe Tsogyel

It is perhaps then arguably the divorcing from these “rites” within “classical” Gnosticism, that is arguably, to my mind left it lacking.  While some groups marched head long into asceticism, I am sure there were some sacred sexual practioners.  As we really have an incomplete view of classical Gnosticism, because it was “heresy” and thus “destroyed” I feel it fair to consider a maybe, a what if…as regards “classical Gnosticism.”

As above so below
As in the bridal chamber, so in the body

This is what I mean…not a horny Jesus
But a SACRED Jesus…..

My apologies if this opinion is not liked here.

–Br Benjamin Assisi