May all be blessed, peaceful and happy,


May all be free of pain, resentment and fear.


May we have infinite gratitude, patience and compassion for all above, equal, and below us.


May we be the doctor, medicine and nurse, for all the confused, sick and sad. May all the virtue acquired by us, flow freely to all need.


 May everyone find the Path to Peace,


 May everyone become pure and perfect,


 May everyone find the Treasury of Life!


May Kushta bless you and keep you . . . Amin

 [All place palms together and Bow to all others]


Good is the Good to the good, and They set their nature upon those who love their name.


We will seek and find, and will pray and be heard.


We have sought and found, we prayed and were heard in thy presence,

my Lord Yeshu and Maryam d-Hiya, Lords of Healings.