All veils come from ignorance; when ignorance has passed away all the veils vanish and this life, by means of gnosis, becomes one with the life to come.




“Where are you?” Hoping I am not bogged down in words, my own and those of others. What is best is what is not said. True, my medi­tation is still slack, but I do not want to grip a futility and tighten on something merely imagined, arbitrarily decided. I do still wait, and listen, try for a more total awareness, more simple, and no phoney absorption.

The worst thing is, however, this preoccupation with a per­sona, a constructed personal self. This is the danger. Futility of it. Complete waste. The woods save me and the sun and snow. Lovely songs of birds, melting snowfields yesterday afternoon.

— Sidi Abdesalam.

“What is meant by identity? Many facets of the concept could be
considered. For practical purposes here we are talking about one’s own
authentic and personal beliefs and convictions, based on experience of
oneself as a person, experience of one’s ability to choose and reject
even good things which are not relevant to one’s own life.”

–Thomas Merton

God is infinite in his simplicity and simple in his infinity. Therefore he is everywhere and is everywhere complete. He is everywhere on the account of his infinity, and is everywhere complete on account of his simplicity. Only God flows into all things, their very essences. Nothing else flows into something else. God is in the innermost part of each and every thing, only in its innermost part, and he alone is one.

–Meister Eckhart

“I have heard: ‘Once there was a little girl who got lost in the forest. Her parents became frantic and began searching for her everywhere. She too searched, but soon grew tired and lay down to rest. Her parents, however, felt no fatigue and continued to search. Near sundown the father came to a clearing and saw his daughter. Overjoyed, he ran toward her, shouting and making noise. Hearing him coming toward her, the girl jumped to her feet and shouted: “Abba, at last I’ve found you!”‘ So it is with human beings. The Divine is always around us, within us – is us – but the trick of the mystic is to bring this to consciousness. To know that this union is there. This does not necessarily mean frontal-lobe knowing – it refers, as Yeats wrote:

‘…..for always night and day

…..While I stand on the roadway, or on the pavement gray,

I hear it in the deep heart’s core’.”

– Avram Davis & Manuela Dunn Mascetti (Judaic Mysticism)

Quit this world

Quit the next world

Quit quitting