“Death is the amnesia separating one life experience from another. It is only the enemy for those who seek to hold on to this world in order to control and possess. For them even the quest for immortality is but another way toward acquiring. Of such ones, it is said that they are dead even while they are alive. Surrounded by lifeless possessions or lives that they seek to possess. It is this most common and universal way to escape death that is the real source of evil and the amnesia separating one life experience from another. Not so for those who share their lives with others. For them death is simply the final opportunity for giving. To such individuals is granted the awareness of the circles in which their souls participate. ‘I wish you would not come to me so soon,’ they say as death approaches, ‘but I have been ready for you since I first became aware. Living each day as if it were my last.’ For such ones, the awareness of life times having come before is heightened. Their lessons clearer. Their tasks ahead more defined.

The aware rise in spirals to ever higher rungs of awareness in each lifetime. Until finally they will have been through and been everyone and everything. They reach out to death and inquire ‘now where?’ Because once they were both beggar and rich, they understand. Because at one time in their past, they lived on every rung of being – human and animal. And through their own light they try to share their awareness. For they know that we are each different fragmentary manifestations of the Holy One Himself. And that the ultimate unification cannot occur until every single soul has become fully aware. Not until the wickedest person – the one with the most amnesia – seeks holiness instead, will the last part of the last man be realized.”

– Lawrence Kushner (Honey from the Rock)