Nothing is worth more than this day


“If our desires reach out for the things that we were created to have and to make and to become, then we will develop into what we were truly meant to be.”

–Thomas Merton

Therefore, let nothing hinder us,


nothing separate us,


nothing come between us.


Wherever we are,


in every place,


at every hour,


at every moment of the day,


everyday and continually, let all of us…


hold in our heart and love,


honor, adore, serve,


praise and bless,


glorify and exult,


magnify and give thanks.

–St Francis of Assisi

“He who adores Me never ceases to approach Me until I love him, and when I love him, and I am the hearing by which he hears, the sight by which he sees, the hand by which he grasps, and the foot by which he walks.”

–Ibn Arabi