Please note the following is one possible place the Ebionite sect derived their name from, the text itself is not by the Ebionites. The word Ebionite means poor one in aramaic

“A poor one am I, who has come out of the celestial fruits. A stranger to
the world, who comes out of the distance. A Poor man am I, to whom Great
Life gave ear, a Stranger to this world, whom the Light-treasures made
world-strange. They brought me out of the abode of the good ones; ah me! in
the wicked ones’ dwelling they made me to dwell. Ah me! they made me to
dwell in the wicked ones’ dwelling, which is filled full of nothing but
evil. It is filled full of nothing but evil, filled full of the fire which
consumes. I would not and will not dwell in the dwelling of naughtiness.

With my power and with my enlightening I dwelt in the dwelling of
naughtiness. With my enlightening and my praise-giving I kept myself
stranger to this world. I stood among them as a child who has not a father,
As a child who has not a father, as a fruit who has not a tender. I hear the
voice of the Seven, who whisper in secret and say: Whence is this Stranger
man, whose discourse is not like to our discourse? I listened not to their
discourse; then were they full of wicked anger against me. Life, who gave
ear to my call, a Messenger sent forth to meet me. He sent me a gentle
Treasure, an armored, well-armored Man. With his pure voice he makes
proclamation, as the Treasures make in the House of Perfection.

He speaks Poor one, from anguish and fear be thou free Say not: I stand here
alone. For thy. sake, 0 Poor, this firmament was outspread, Was this
firmament spread out, and stars were pictured upon it. For thy sake, 0 Poor,
this firm land came into existence, Came into existence this firm land, the
condensing took form, fell into the water. For thy sake came the sun, for
thy sake the. moon. was revealed. For thy sake, 0 Poor, came the Seven, and
the Twelve are hither descended. Thou Poor one! On thy right rests glory, on
thy left rest [light-] lamps. Hold steadfast in thy security, until thy
measure has been completed. When thy measure has been completed, I will
myself come to thee. I will bring thee vestures of glory, so that the worlds
will long for them, desireful. I will bring thee a pure, excellent
head-dress, abundant in infinite light. I will set thee free from the
wicked, from the sinners will I deliver thee. I will make thee dwell in thy
shekinah free thee into the region unsullied.”

I hear the voice of the Seven, who whisper in secret and speak: “Blessed is
he who is to the Poor one a father, who is unto the Fruit a tender. Hail to
him whom Great Life knows, woe to him whom Great Life knows not.” Hail to
him whom Great Life knew, who has kept himself stranger to this world, The
world of the defect, in which the Planets are seated. They sit on thrones of
rebellion and drill their works with the scourge.

For gold and for silver are they disquiet, and strife they cast into the
world. Disquiet are they and therein cast strife; therefore will they go
hence and seethe in the fire. The wicked shall seethe, and their pomp shall
vanish and come to an end. But I with my offspring and kindred shall ascend
and see the Light’s region, The region whose sun never sets, and whose
light-lamps never darken-That region, the state [of the Blessed), whereto
your souls are called and invited. And so are our good brothers’ souls, and
the souls of our faithful sisters.

‘Life is exalted and is victorious) and victorious is the One who has come

–From the Canonical prayer book of the Mandaeans by ES Drower (NOT the Ginza Rba)