There are no mundane things outside of Buddhism,

And there is

No Buddhism outside of mundane things.


In the Gospel of Philip, she is described as being “the one who was called Jesus’ companion.” This is what we mean by describing Miriam as the Queen of the Apostles or Apostola Apostolorum – the Apostle to the Apostles. To understand the relationship between Mary and the resurrection it is important to revisit once again the question of the Gnostic vision and understanding of the resurrection. The resurrection has never, to Gnostics in ancient times or today, been looked at as some kind of resuscitation of a dead corpse. Jesus is not “brought back to life,” but rather brought forward to a new form of life in the spirit. And, moreover, the resurrection event is something that flows, for Gnosticism, not out of his death, but rather out of the fulfillment of his life.

 The resurrection, according to the challengingly beautiful words of the Gospel of Philip, “Truth did not come into the world naked, but it came in types and images. The world will not receive truth in any other way. There is a rebirth and an image of rebirth. It is certainly necessary to be born again through the image. Which one? Resurrection. The image must rise again through the image. The bridal chamber and the image must enter through the image into the truth: this is the restoration. Not only must those who produce the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, do so, but have produced them for you.”

Matthew Ouroboros


At the heart of Merton’s spirituality is his distinction between our real and false selves. Our false selves are the identities we cultivate in order to function in society with pride and self-possession; our real selves are a deep religious mystery, known entirely only to God. The world cultivates the false self, ignores the real one, and therein lies the great irony of human existence: the more we make of ourselves, the less we actually exist.

–the pocket Thomas Merton




It’s important to remember that evolution isn’t just
happening. We are a very big part of that process, and
when you really get this, the liberation of your power
of choice becomes the very essence of the spiritual
endeavor. You realize that the more awake you become,
the more enlightened you become, the more responsible you are for our future, and the more profoundly significant become the choices that you make, because they become an expression of the evolutionary principle in action. Ask yourself, Whose hands are these? If you are primarily identified with ego, they are the hands of the ego. But if your purpose has become aligned with the creative principle itself,
your hands become God’s hands. As audacious as that
sounds, it’s actually true.

–Andrew Cohen