The stunning paradox of human spiritual maturity is that, as we become one with all creation, we also at the same time become completely and uniquely ourselves.

–Thomas Yeomans


A person is born alone and also dies alone. No one else has a share in one’s agony. What is the use of loved ones who create hindrances?

 Just as one who has undertaken a journey takes lodging, so does one who travels in the cycle of existence take lodging in a rebirth.

Until one his hoisted by four men and mourned by the world, one should retire to the forest.

Without intimacy and without conflict, one dwells in physical solitude, and when one is counted as if already dead no one grieves when one actually dies.

There is on one to inflict grief and harm, nor is there any one to distract one from the recollection of the Buddha and so forth.

Thus, I shall always dwell alone in the delightful forest, which creates few problems, good cheer, and the pacification of all distraction.

Free from all other concerns and having a single-pointed mind, I shall apply myself to meditative concentration and to the subjugation of the mind.

Guide to the Bodhisattva’s Way Of Life


I gained nothing at all from supreme enlightenment, and for that very reason it is called supreme enlightenment

– the Buddha