“The name Elohim is an anagram of the two Hebrew words mi and eleh (who, these)….. In the creative sequence of the unfolding of the sefirot, the emanation passes from Binah (Understanding) to Chesed (Mercy), the first of the seven days of creation…..the emanation proceeds from Mi (Binah) to the first of the seven sefirot designated by Eleh (Chesed). To put this idea another way, since the divine name associated with Binah, Elohim, includes the two words mi and eleh, it carries the potential to give rise to the entire array of the remaining sefirot. All the ‘designs’ had been skethced in Chochmah (Wisdom), the concealed thought, but if the emanation had not reached the nurturing impulse from the ‘supernal mother,’ Binah, nothing would have come to fruition.

    Binah may be known through her fruits, the works of creation, and the closest we may come to understanding the nature of creation is to discern that there is a Mi, a Being, who lies behind the fruits. In the creative emanation, the first arising of Binah takes the form of Mi, an arising of the potential for the expression of the divine Being. This potential is realized when the name ‘Elohim‘ is articulated. Grammatically, of course, mi denotes a question. The asking of questions represent the distinctive potential of man; to be sufficiently moved by the beauty and precision of the world to articulate the question ‘Who?’, ‘Who is the one God responsible for all of these?’, represent the pinnacle of human understanding. “


– Brian L. Lancaster (The Essence of Kabbalah)