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Jesus said,
“Men think, perhaps, that it is peace
which I have come to cast upon the world.
They do not know that it is dissension
which I have come to cast upon the earth:
fire, sword, and war.
For there will be five in a house:
three will be against two,
and two against three,
the father against the son,
and the son against the father.
And they will stand solitary.”

The peace Jesus brings is not to the world,
but to the solitary individual.
It is the individual,

who must find Unity within themselves,
but this will not necessarily

bring Harmony to the entire earth.
he individual finds Rest only after
seeking, then becoming “troubled”, etc.
The borders of the new Kingdom will not

necessarily fall along family lines.
In fact, Jesus claims to stir the pot,
creating “fire, sword, and war”,
turning family members against each other,
turning one family against another,
and turning nation against nation.

My note: There is no individual, the individual is all that is. Thus the peace that will come will be to all.