The blessed holy One has ascended in glory.


He is hidden, concealed in utmost loftiness


There is no one in the world—-


Nor since the day the world was created has there ever been —


Who can comprehend His wisdom or apprehend Him,


for he is hidden, concealed, transcendent, beyond, beyond…

–the Zohar


Lady, Mother of us all,

You are the source of all Love,

As the Father is the source of all light,

You sustain me on my journey,

In my work,

In my service to my fellow beings.

May I be trustworthy

Of your Love.


–Danaan Parry


They are all children when they sleep.

There is no war in them.

They open their hands and breathe

in the slow rhythm given to humans by heaven.


Whether soldiers, statesmen, servants, or masters

they purse their lips like small children

and they all half-open their hands.

Stars stand watch then and the arch of the sky is hazed over

for a few hours when no one will harm another.


If only we could talk with each other then,

when hearts are like half-open flowers.

Words would push their way in

like golden bees.

             God, teach me sleep’s language


–Rolf Jacobsen