“Christianity is not merely a set of foregone conclusions. The
Christian mind is a mind that risks intolerable purifications, and
sometimes, indeed very often, the risk turns out to be too great to be
tolerated. Faith tends to be defeated by the burning presence of God in
mystery, and seeks refuge from him, flying to comfortable social forms
and safe conventions in which purification is no longer an inner battle
but a matter of outward gesture.”

–Thomas Merton

What is the source

From whence gushes the frenzied growth

All about me?

What overlighting presence

Guides the living things of the earth

Toward the zenith of their life?

I, as one of these living things,

Marvel at the perfection of our unfolding.

Blessed am I to be a part of the plan.

–Danaan Parry

I ask thee Yahya, about the Way whereby the people of righteousness are put
to the test and go without hindrance.

Tell me: To what is the shape of Sauriel the death angel’s knife like? Tell
me: If the soul leaves the body, with what is it clothed, and to what is it
like in the vain body?

Surely the soul is not possibly like the blood, that it should became heated
in the body and come to a stop in it?

Surely the soul is not possibly like the wind, that it should fare to
themountains, be lost there and come to a stop!

Surely the soul is not possibly like the dew, that it should fall on the
fruit and be lost?

When Messiah said this, Yahya cries aloud, tears come to him without
ceasing, and be speaks: God forbid that the high King of Light should look
for lot in deceivers.

The soul is not like the blood, that it should become heated in the body and
come to a stop.

The soul is not like the dew that it should fall on the fruit and be
lost.The soul is not like the wind that it should fare to the
mountains and come
to a stop.

Firmly developed has the soul been brought into the vain body.

If the soul has kept herself perfect, she ascends in a garment of glory.
Sauriel’s knife consists of three flames.

When Sauriel drives the soul to hasten, so as to bear her away he lets loose
the three flames against her.

One he lets loose against her in the evening, the other at cock-crow: the
third lets he loose gainst her at the coming-forth of the rays.

If the fire begins to be fierce, the soul slips out of the feet and the

Out of the feet and the knees slips she and draws nigh to the hips. Thereon
leaves she the hips, reaches the heart, and seeks to keep there her ground.

then falls she into the breast, and it squeezes […] the eyes, the face and
the lips of the man Twitch, and the tongue twists hither and thither.

Then Sauriel sits on the eyebrows he sits and speaks to her: Go hence, 0

Why dost thou still watch over the body?

Then says she to him: Thou wilt take me, Sauriel out of the body. First show
me my vesture and clothe me therewith;

then take me out and hence bring me.

First bring me thy works and thy wage, makes he answer to her: Then will I
show thee thy vesture and clothe thee.

— Drashia d-Malkia (Secret teachings of the Angelic Kings, Aramaic Gnostic

Past mind can’t be grasped,
Present mind can’t be grasped,
Future mind can’t be grasped.
With which mind will you drink this tea?

– A businesswoman questions Te Shan