“The secret of pure intention is not to be sought in the renunciation of
all advantage for ourselves.  Our intentions are pure when we identify
our advantage with God’s glory, and see that our happiness consists in
doing His will because His will is right and good.”

–Thomas Merton

It is the voice of Yeshu, the Gnosis of Life, which calls and enlightens his friends.

He explains to the faithfully established the Mystery of this world, the world of full Mystery and suggestion, the world of full Mystery, which no humans have discovered.

The Mystery of the heavens is the anvil.

The Mystery of the light is the day.

The Mystery of the darkness the night

[…) the living water […] .

The Mystery of the salt is the soul.

The Mystery of the sword is the fire.

The Mystery of death is the sleep.

The Mystery of the worlds is Adam.

The first Mystery is his son.

The Mystery of the vault […] is of the people established faithfully.

The Mystery of the mildness is the eyes to be pushed shut and a hundred and one to know.

The Mystery of the christening is to say one and to hear hundred and one.

The Mystery of the prayer bead is to say one and to hear a hundred and one.

The Mystery of the love is to push shut one’s eyes on the roads and to know a hundred and one.

The Mystery of the poverty is to be sent out into the world. The Mystery of the chosen ones is the myrtle.

The Mystery of the body is the rose.

As the myrtle is freshly resplendent, so are the chosen ones resplendent like unto it, but as the rose wilts, so do bodies disintegrate.

The bodies disintegrate, and the measure of the world becomes full. From where-did you hail from 0 truth telling man, who comes and enumerates the shamefulness of this world?

I am a man from the other world, on whose head is found the sign. The mark is put on my head, and I ascend up thereby to the Light Land.

Life is transcendent and victorious, and victorious are those that have gone forth!


–Drashia d-Malkia (Secret teachings of the Angelic Kings, Aramaic Gnostic text)


“An impure intention is one that yields to the will of God while
retaining a preference for my own will.  It divides my will from His
will.  It gives me a choice between two advantages:  one in doing His
will and one in doing my own  An impure intention is imprudent, because
it weighs truth in the balance against illusion;  it chooses between a
real and an apparent good as if they were equal.”

–Thomas Merton


Peace is the universal healer, as it is written ( Isaiah 57:19) ‘Peace to the one who is far and peace to the one who is near,’ says God, ‘and I will heal him.’ When a person is ill, it is usually because his body’s systems are not functioning in harmony – his four humors or elements are somehow in conflict. He requires medicines which will restore balance and allow healing to take place. Interestingly, medicines are generally very bitter. Yet people are willing to endure a little bitterness in order to be healed – in order to attain inner peace.

        The same is true of spiritual healing. A person might have to endure a certain amount of suffering – and it might be bitter indeed – but then he realizes that this suffering stems from his own spiritual inadequacies; he himself is the source of this own bitterness. Recognizing his faults, he is led to improve himself. The bitterness itself thus turns into the healing power, bringing him ever closer to spiritual peace.”

  – Nachman of Bratslav (Likutei Moharan)