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Jesus said,
"When you see one who was not born of woman,
prostrate yourselves on your faces and worship him.
That one is your father."

The umbilicus is the physical mark

of being "born of woman".

I think the goal of the Gnostics "ascents" into

the heavens was to "ascend" to the level of the Father. They will know they have arrived when

they encounter a Being without this mark.

his reminds me of the question:
Did Adam have a belly button?”
If so, why?
pure aesthetics?
so he could have it pierced?

If the Father created Adam, then he would

be created, not born, thus Adam would also

share the title, “one who was not born of woman”.

However, if Sophia, a woman, created the

Universe of matter, and everything within it,

then only that which transcends this world

of opposites is “not born of woman".

That means your earthly body and your

genetically inherited instincts are "born of woman".

That which is “not born of woman" would include:

the twin souls of heart and mind united

through Knowledge to produce a living Spirit.

(my comment: God is not born of woman…)