Episteme (knowledge) is like a brush.  You can paint walls with a spoon but often it is good to use a brush.

However you don’t need a brush or a spoon, you could use your hands or spray the walls.

When the walls are painted the brush is no longer of any use.

This is what knowledge, episteme, words, research are like.  They help us to reach the divine, but they must be discarded once the wall is painted.

To truly be a Gnostic one must realize painting walls is what is important, not if you have a better spoon, a brush or a spray can.

Until you realize this and embrace it you will never be a Gnostic, a passerby, you will never reject your father and mother (reject them for Christ), and you will never make the two into one. (See Gospel of Thomas)

A painting is not a bowl of fruit, a book about God, is a book about God.

You can write 1000 words on an apple. 

Or you can eat one.

To be a Gnostic, you must not be a Gnostic



Often we think that we do not know enough to be able
to teach others.  We might even become hesitant to tell
others what we know, out of fear that we won’t have anything
left to say when we are asked for more.

This mind-set makes us anxious, secretive, possessive,
and self-conscious.  But when we have the courage to share
generously with others all that we know, whenever they
ask for it, we soon discover that we know a lot more than
we thought.  It is only by giving generously from the
well of our knowledge that we discover how deep that well is.


–Henri Nouwen



“God’s infinite light shines in the heart.

How does one accept that light without being overwhelmed,

without reaching for grandiosity, without rebelling?

One proclaims with humility, ‘All that I know is that I know nothing.’

Then one does not seek to overwhelm one’s boundaries with the passion of knowledge;

one opens one’s arms not to encircle knowledge, but to accept light.”


– Reb Nathan Sternhartz (Likkutei Halachot)



Suppose you can recite a thousand holy
verses from memory.
What are you going to do
with your ego self, the true
mark of the heretic?
Every time your head touches
the ground in prayers, remember,
this was to teach you to
put down that load of ego
which bars you from entering
the chamber of the Beloved.

To your mind feed understanding,
to your heart, tolerance and compassion.
The simpler your life, the more meaningful.
The less you desire of the world,
the more room you will have in it
to fill with the Beloved.

The best use of your tongue
is to repeat the Beloved’s Name in devotion.
The best prayers are those in
the solitude of the night.
The shortest way to the Friend
is through selfless service and
generosity to His creatures.

Those with no sense of honor and dignity are best avoided.
Those who change colors constantly
are best forgotten.
The best way to be with those
bereft of the Beloved’s qualities,
is to forget them in the
joy of silence in one’s corner of solitude.

— Shaikh Abu Saeed Abil Kheir – “Nobody, Son of Nobody